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Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Visa

Music Applause it gives an opportunity to an undergraduate student to be involved in research so the Honors Program is a stream you can take which comes with an extra class basically you get to learn about research and pursue your own project under the supervision of a professor you're paired up with a member of faculty and you're working towards solving a problem that you've cleaned across whether it be like a clinical interest of yours or something you've stumbled in on your day to day life and want to learn more about in the context of Nursing so it's a research focused program and you can pretty much you take kind of like any question or issue that you've always like wondered about but there's kind of not a lot of answers for it or information about it and you partner with a professor who shares your same interest and then you actually like figure out that questions also it's a good opportunity to learn how to write and improve your your research skills and also your writing patterns to apply to honors please read about the program on the faculty website you'll need to meet with me before applying to make sure that honors is the right choice for you I will guide you through the application process and help match you with a supervisor Music my project is going to be a study exploring the experience of young adults who have schizophrenia and how their recovery is my honours project right now is looking at the hopes the wishes and the needs of parents who have children who live with chronic pain while nurse program focuses on like the experiences of other people and focusing on how Internet use can facilitate their social and civic engagement so my honours project is going to be looking at the coping strategies that are found to be effective by fourth-year nursing students so I'll be determining the different policies and practices that we have kind of in the five zones of verbal health services in terms of reminder recall systems for child immunization appointments so I'm doing an integrative review of how cannabis use patterns are integrated into psychosis treatment recommendations I've joined honors because I think it's really amazing that even just a small amount of research that we do can have an impact on our patients being in the Honors Program gives me an opportunity to be a spokesperson for people that have no voice so I want to do my masters later on and in your masters you do research I didn't even know about the PRC process which is what my research is on but after talking to more people and just kind of diving in there was an open mind it's actually really interesting and really cool that I get to make an impact no matter big or small Music.