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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Videos

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Videos

Music baby hello Music Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Music Applause Music Applause Music anyways guys that's our daily routine you know we have a small like a small place right now but we are eternally moving into a house which we like all house tours anytime soon so stay tuned for that because we're trying to buy a house yeah these are daily morning routine in the weekdays Oh like Monday through Friday and we work we wake up like at 6:30 30s we go with shower and they're ready and we go to go to work but then I always all prepares breakfast but today we want to get out of the house maybe and take you guys so I hope eat their breakfast because you know I'm not a fan of eating breakfast to be honest I can go to lunch without any breakfast but tonight I always prbreakfast oh yeah cause I feel like if I got him used to eating breakfast he will eat it like I mean it's like food by what I mean so right now we're unaware I hope hopefully we have time because Allah knows we're going to work and then I have to drop him off and go straight to school as you guys saw in another vlog that we did I go straight to school I'm gonna have to go bogging if not wait just go to McDonald's be honest and if I always prepare breakfast I've never eaten something because we never head out in the morning it's like this and woke up all the time I got six 36 and it's 741 like we take so long to get ready actually like we actually woke up a little bit earlier just to the video because a lot of people do it but they don't do it like in the morning actually they just do it like fucking time to want to do it yeah whatever time and in the outlet they just will go alright guys hopefully we make it I hope and is not like full I mean isn't even open yeah I don't think we're gonna make it though I'm gonna have to go to my daughter's sound forty right but I'm we said we'd only parents already ate and by the time we get to the job number that eight twenty eight thirty something yeah I don't have to be a score 9 so we're gonna go oh my gosh next time the other now the morning routine we're gonna wake up I like 5 morning and we're gonna go to IHOP first hi guys so we'll see you guys now with the papers all right guys that was no plan I swear so we just got out of him Donald it took us like 10 minutes because they take so long so so basically what we do we just eat this on our way home on our way oh way to work like we just eat it like right now give me months yeah she's got a big ice shell iced coffee though okay so we're gonna eat in the car on our way home he wants to go hey guys we're gonna eat now and yeah is what we do as a couple in the morning we love you guys give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and I will see you guys in the next one bye you Music.

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