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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Ting

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Ting

If you have a Dolf Hitler you know you don't know who he is No Music I'm Ray Comfort I'm Jewish and I'm deeply concerned that a generation is forgetting one of the greatest tragedies in the history of the human race Adolf Hitler sanctioned the murder of 11 million people including 6 million Jews through what's commonly called the Holocaust in Germany statues of Hitler forbidden and as Nazi salute as illegal and in Austria a few even deny the Holocaust took place they'll throw you in jail Germany so wants to keep alive the memory of that horror it has mandatory Holocaust education for its children this is because it's being lightly said that those who forget history and destined to repeat it Adolf Hitler what do you know about him he was a very was kind of a president what do you know about Adolf Hitler I really don't know anything about it have you heard of that old Hitler um nope never heard of him I vaguely remember him who was alph Hitler um he was the guy best and was he German I really don't know who was that old Hitler this guy the mustache it was at Hitler uh he was a communist right leader of Germany who was Adolf Hitler I don't know no idea at all no he was a communist if you like a actor or someone she's like something about Holocaust so tell me what you know about Adolf Hitler I don't know anything about him you have a herd of them no I haven't who's the guy with a mustache oh I'm sorry you're about to meet Steve as you'll see Steve is a self-proclaimed neo-nazi who loves Ethel Hitler hates Jews and people of dark-skinned white people are Jews so the white man is the best man to get drunk and have a blue mohawk what was Jesus Christ no he was a Jew what did Jews do what they lied Christianity is a Jewish trick that hasn't tricked me because I'm Greek I'm smarter than that Stella wood shop shop that's a joke what do you do when you come to a green light Green Line see now if you can make mistake with something as simple as that just think just think of you're making a mistake when this whole bus if you're making a mistake I don't hate black people because they're black I hate black people because they're pieces because they ruin every neighborhood they come into because they do bad things to my people because of the color of our skin to this country and I hate America your memories are in by a bunch of little weak Jews that were like that could stand up for themselves so to make up a fake god to protect them because they're a weak race Jesus was a Jew and if you were in Auschwitz I give him a tattoo at a feller was not even well who what do you have to do to be evil he killed six million Jews and blacks and and gypsies and homosexuals I don't believe that I think that's a lie I don't think he killed that many people I love Hitler why because he wanted to cleanse the world of non-white races although Hitler is most famous criminal in zeroes don't you think he was evil evil no no who was an oaf Hitler the leader of the Nazis he ran the fascist movement in World War two he was intelligent but he was he was doing was bad yes over the world Music you know what Hitler said as he said Christianity is a nice religion but let's let it die out he put the Jewish people in concentrations tabs he basically a brainwash the whole German civilization and believing that Jews were evil and you need to get rid it's 1939 you've got a high-powered rifle and Adolf Hitler is in your sights do you take him out absolutely so you didn't hesitate would you take him out yes okay it's about 30 years earlier mrs. Hitler is pregnant with that oaf would you take her out if I knew what he was gonna do yeah would you shoot him immediately immediately I will shoot him and tear him apart if you go back 30 years earlier and Adolf Hitler's mother is pregnant with that off and you've got a high-powered rifle you had one shot would you take him out would you kill her to kill him definitely kill her kill him and kill his relatives everybody called belongs to Hitler family did he kill millions of Russians oh yeah that's not he personally but German army that millions and millions Russia lost about 30 millions people in the Second World War he destroyed German army destroyed most of European part of Soviet Union did you lose any relatives oh yeah I lost to my father my grandmother my aunt my brother Music Adolf Hitler hated Christianity he called it a disease and once said the heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity adding that it was an invention of the Jew he killed or imprisoned genuine pastors and replaced them with his own Nazi pastors he also replaced the cross for the swastika printed a hundred thousand copies of zone twisted Bible rewrote the Ten Commandments and then created his own Aryan anti-semitic non Jewish Jesus but most importantly all the sprung from the fact that Hitler had created his own image of God and was what the Bible calls an idolater he had another God before the God of the Bible by Judas Iscariot he professed to be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth but his motive was for his own evil agenda and that agenda was very clear he said he alone who owns the youth gains the future heir of Hitler deceived the youth of Germany he deceived.

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