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Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Testimonials

Well back in December of 2021 I was riding a Harley Davidson and during my ride luckily thankfully I was wearing my helmet and protective gear I was struck by a vehicle at about 50 miles an hour and thrown from the bike and suffered some severe injuries to my right leg and the rest of my body and so believe it or not when I was in the ambulance in a lot of pain on the way to the hospital I was saying to myself I need to get an attorney for this and the first thing that came to mind was joy law firm in the legal field there's a lot of language that's very hard to understand but they made it so easy you know in a layman's term where nothing was hard to understand and if something was hard to understand they simplified it even more I'm thoroughly satisfied with the performance enjoy law firm several reasons were there people always contacted me often when I didn't ask for it which was always nice because it displayed that they're always concerned about how I was doing when I did reach out to them they were there almost immediately at the same time they would call and update me on the case so I was in constant contact with someone from Joye law firm what I got from Joye law firm was a family touch I felt like I wasn't a client I felt like a like an employee looked like a family member I like I was a friend that's what in my opinion made Joye law firm stand out from the rest I do have friends that ride motorcycles today still and if any of them were in a motorcycle accident even if they weren't my friends any person in a motorcycle accident it's very serious physically but it's more so emotionally and I would advise all of them to go to a law firm that will have their best interests in mind you know their personal injuries and be empathetic towards an emotional suffering and so I would absolutely recommend anyone motorcycle or not to joy law firm.