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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Resolution

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Resolution

Hey my name is attorney Walter rule if not the third and I'm with disability resolution PA currently coming to you from East Colonial okay it is the 30th of December 2022 and I was in a hearing today because I work every day including Christmas and unfortunately the new year yay let's begin okay so I got a notice from the you know owed our group about my hearing as to you know what the judge thinks what kind of options are there well there's three main options and - oh really main and then what's kind of a you don't see it as much but that doesn't matter there is a notice of unfavorable a notice of partially favorable and a notice of fully favorable a lot of people think Oh partially favorable they mean I'm kind of sort of disabled like I'm you know a VA percentage to say oh no no no something what they're doing there is they're saying you're disabled but we have to change something and the classic one is basically where they're saying you're disabled but we don't think from your alleged onset date so we're gonna move that okay so ultimately what happens there is that you've got this situation where if you get an unfavorable guess what you were denied no money you got a partially favored guess what you may be receiving less retroactive benefits last back pay benefits yada yada or if you get fully favorable that means the claim from your allege onset date going forward you know basically they found that you were in fact disabled now there's a lot of little things in here that you need to know about you know how much funds you're gonna get you know what retroactive benefits are back pay benefits forward pay all that just go ahead watch some more of these videos then give me a call or just give me a call right away why by the time you watch this video this information may be old hat and also remember that at the end of the day you may watch me call it you may in fact have unique question for you claim if that's so give me a call it will work on it get rolling and catch up with you from there have a wonderful wonderful day tomorrow is the I guess New Year's Eve wonderful 31st of December so whatever your wishes are make them that day so that hopefully 2022 will allow you win the lottery Hey very good all right my name is attorney Walter oof 9:30 of an absolutely wonderful day I'll catch you later and we'll go from there thanks so much bye-bye.

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