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Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Reserved

All right I'm gonna my pleasure to introduce the next speaker you heard from yesterday for a little bit you're gonna hear from him again I met him first around I'm not sure what year it was 119 93 92 94 I came to one of our meetings we were having in Southern California and I I enjoyed being around and because he's from another country he's a naturalized citizen and he cared more about the Constitution that most Americans I ran into and I thought that was interesting and since then not too long after that he founded free freedom Law School he's been doing these conferences since 1999 right and there aren't that many of these types of meetings are going on in the country and it's a shame there that we're not doing them in a football stadium by now because these affect these things affect all Americans and they seem to seek ignorance because the information is there today 20 years ago is very difficult to find this information because the television is all we have today we have the Internet well some people have the Internet I guess you know but anyway through the years we win we worked together on different projects and he's done a lot of work on his own he's gathered a good group of people and I'm probably calling my friend help me welcome payment monta Haiti up here thank you Steve folks it's good to be back before you again today and my topic today is a continuation of what I've spoken about on Friday and yesterday and that is hot on the free of oppressive taxation and control in the land of the free home of the brave supposedly where a lot of people are not brave as it should be and there are not three as they should be in America so how do we restore that and so to continue from where I left off last time is I believe that it's since in America we have a system of governance where we the people are the masters of government there are public servants here serving us then we need to put that system to the test is it working as the Declaration of Independence clearly said and actually reminded us we have a right to reform and change the government to secure our liberties and our rights that's what governments all about so right through to our congressmen senators although I've heard this and it's true it doesn't have as much effect as it used to this should when you tell them about some important issue these guys they often just give you a form that I responds you know and they blow you off but folks there are significant issues going on out there that needs to be properly addressed and it's our job as citizens whether we're voters or jurors trial jurors or grand jurors to keep the whole context of government in mind and what's it all about and what we have to do to restore our government to justice and freedom if you trial juror if your grandeur you always should be suspicious of government officials motives because these guys get paid by the government I was for example once before the a grand jury federal grand jury they were investigating somebody and I told the grand jurors in there that you know what I have some information you know I'd like to present to you that the Central Intelligence Agency CIA has been importing heroin cocaine and hard drugs in this country for decades and you have the right and power to look at it and investigate it and charge the people who are involved and the grand jurors there didn't know they had such powers and not only that they were interested in the government prosecutors agenda well we'll get to it maybe later well the later never comes because these guys think they have to follow what the government prosecutor government judge or lawyer has an agenda they have to follow his word their agenda they don't know that the grand juries of is that of citizens is above these guys and to do investigate whoever they want any way they want including a prosecutor and the judge the trial jurors don't know that they can ignore the judges illegal instructions and both Justice and ignore bad laws and and see through the deception that's going on perhaps yeah the defendant didn't get to have all this evidence in there they saw something was missing something's wrong here they smell something so but as voters I think it and that is that duty is available to all of us because we don't get to serve as jurors all the time but we all get to have an opportunity over to participate and vote every couple of years so a right to these guys is important because for example right now we have a system with the Federal Reserve privately owned and controlled you know has loot like created about two trillion dollars the money out of thin air literally but legalized counterfeiting two trillion with that T that's a lot of money folks and then lend it out to the banks out there the privileged class the banks for zero to one quarter of 1% interest rate that's almost nothing's like free money the only the only catch is you cannot spend it you have to loan it to somebody else well I'll tell you what I think if you lend me some money at quarter of one percent I'm sure I can figure out a way to make some money by loaning out to somebody else for five or ten percent or more that's not a problem how can I get into that get into that exclusive club wouldn't you want to be in that Club if you could you'd be rich but so that's what's.

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