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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Reliance

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Reliance

Music kolja you ha Ichi up that means that I consider you all my friends I'm paid to kill a Lila yo macka P Lila whoa you only huh I'm very happy and honored to be here and my name is chase iron eyes and I'm excited to be here I really the energy is great here from the time that we that we arrived here I could I could feel the energy and I really want to thank those who took times out of their schedules out of their days those amongst the the Google American Indian Network to make this possible from the time we arrived at our parking spots you know there's little signs that say parking reserved or has a little picture of Yoda says do not park park or oh I know how does it say how Yoda talks we're reserving it for chase iron eyes so I want to tell you a little bit about you know I was I was born in the Black Hills of what is now South Dakota some of you have probably been there it's where much more is and so forth and my mother moved us back to the Standing Rock nation or the Standing Rock reservation where I I grew up there my my whole life until I was 19 and then I I went to to college so so growing up on you know a reservation of modern American Indian reservation at a time you know in this I was born in 1978 and the reservations were created kind of as military forts and prison camps during the late 1870s when in it's it's important to start there because today September fifth 2022 it is now September 5th 1877 is about a year after the Battle of Little Bighorn you know it's popularly known as Custer's last stand we we don't think Custer made any kind of last stand but Crazy Horse surrendered in 1877 and on this day in 1877 Crazy Horse was assassinated by his own people by my people and that that ties right into what Standing Rock what the water protected movement was all about and what it is all about and that is our path to liberation I wanna I wanted to tell you about Crazy Horse because he would say things like people or a man must have a vision and they have to seek that vision to the deepest Blues of the skies he would say things like it's a good day to die and at first glance those seemed quite shocking maybe but when you when you study divinity or you're trying to commune with the divine consciousness in any kind of ceremonial or metaphysical or ritual way whether it's meditation or whatever it is for you you come to the conclusion that any day really when you are united with the divine consciousness God Allah or whether it's the Hindu tradition the yogic tradition whatever it is any day is a good day to die because death is not a death death death is only a change it's as much as part of life and people felt that at Standing Rock for us out there it wasn't it was it wasn't a difficult choice to have to say to ourselves we are going we are being called to risk our Liberty perhaps our life our earning potential our reputations our professional reputations right now my law license is at risk it's it's on the line I'm being charged with the felony with inciting a riot and I'm facing a five-year maximum prison sentence right now but my my story started on the Standing Rock nation the Standing Rock reservation and when you when you grow up in those environments where you know there was a very premeditated and deliberate attempt to kind of erase the original spiritual dignity self-determination self-reliance self-esteem and fortunately we are survivors and we survived a genocide a Holocaust all up and down the hemisphere we survived slavery and so forth we know those of us who are paying attention know our history in this what we should now be considering our homeland it's not just our country but I didn't I grew up in inside that environment where it's very much an imposed poverty culture and in all of the quality of life indicators are kind of akin to what would be present in a third-world country like Haiti and and so forth there's there's a lot of challenges a lot of obstacles there's also just what I like to call unconquerable dignity a none conquerable hope and it's evident when the poorest people in the world you know put some quotations around the word poor materially impoverished deliberately we made a choice to stand up on behalf of a universal element a sacred element that we call water in our cosmology in our mythology we have some of you have heard the term mini with Tony have you heard of that term you've all heard of the term anyway Tony so that's that's the law quote the language and in order to say something like many with Tony I really to gain an understanding of the origin of that phrase you have to go back to one of our first creation stories we have la corte words for these stories what the West would sometimes call myths I mean it's not it's not wrong to call them myths but that kind of has a certain connotation like it's a fairy tale or it's it's folklore and so forth it sounds like the opposite of what the scientific method is and what empiricism is it sounds like a superstition but for us these these are called knowledge they're called Otaka hey Cal copy the first beginnings these stories are called walk Kia pee these are these are things that I learned from my elders and there's a different kind of story.

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