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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Profanity

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Profanity

Hey guys Jeff here welcome to another Monday message as you can see I am not in my office right now I am in good old Nashville Tennessee shout-out to Brandon and Sammy for letting me crash at your crib now what I want to talk about this week is is swearing or is cussing a sin chipolte right now by the way I didn't actually swear there I just feel like making that beep noise because I'm making a video about swearing I actually said something about Chipotle but here's the truth to matter this issue is actually not as black and white as we'd like to make it out to be see in fact the Bible has a ton to say about our speech our words and our mouths in fact there's even one verse in James where James basically uses the imagery of saying that you know it only takes basically a tiny match to set a whole forest on fire and so it is with our tongues that with the tiniest thing or with the simplest of words we can actually reap destruction and hurt and pain and even says that with the same mouth you usually bless the Lord with you also use to curse or make fun of that has a huge significance and weight to it and that's the first verse we have to lesson Kim because if we're honest and we see that we realize that James is actually saying that when we make fun of someone or reap pain or gossip or damage upon them we are actually assaulting our Creator right in the same way when there's an image or a statue of some king in antiquity and you put graffiti on it or you spill paint on it or...

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