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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Profanity

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Profanity

Hey guys Jeff here welcome to another Monday message as you can see I am not in my office right now I am in good old Nashville Tennessee shout-out to Brandon and Sammy for letting me crash at your crib now what I want to talk about this week is is swearing or is cussing a sin chipolte right now by the way I didn't actually swear there I just feel like making that beep noise because I'm making a video about swearing I actually said something about Chipotle but here's the truth to matter this issue is actually not as black and white as we'd like to make it out to be see in fact the Bible has a ton to say about our speech our words and our mouths in fact there's even one verse in James where James basically uses the imagery of saying that you know it only takes basically a tiny match to set a whole forest on fire and so it is with our tongues that with the tiniest thing or with the simplest of words we can actually reap destruction and hurt and pain and even says that with the same mouth you usually bless the Lord with you also use to curse or make fun of that has a huge significance and weight to it and that's the first verse we have to lesson Kim because if we're honest and we see that we realize that James is actually saying that when we make fun of someone or reap pain or gossip or damage upon them we are actually assaulting our Creator right in the same way when there's an image or a statue of some king in antiquity and you put graffiti on it or you spill paint on it or you try to destroy it that's actually an assault on the royal authority and so it is with us that every time we open our mouth and it reads death or destruction on another human being it's not only bad in and of itself but it's actually an assault on our Creator and so one of the biggest things I want you guys to hear in this video is words have weight that's one of the main things the Bible always says about word is that they can be for life or they can be for death and I know plenty of people followers of Jesus Christian people who have never said a four-letter word in their life they've never said the F word of the F word but they've reaped destruction on other people by their gossiping by their making fun of someone by their kind of snarky sarcasm or jokes in the kingdom of God we need to know that as followers of Jesus it's not a matter of Oh have we said this word today or not said that word but it's actually are our words building up other people every moment are our words I mean it's a barometer by the way how do you speak to and how do you treat the people that seem to be able to do nothing for you meaning the postman a server at a restaurant all these different things how do you treat the people that culture sometimes says is serving you how do you treat them back because our words will be kind of a mirror or a reflection of what's going on in our heart and that's another thing that Jesus basically says about our words is they reveal our hearts almost like our words are a billboard of what's going on in our heart so if you want to know what a person's like their character their integrity just hang out with them a while and see what they start talking about because the word sooner or later will reveal what is down in the heart I know for me I always have to wrestle with this usually whenever I get upset or annoyed or anger that's kind of the UM situation that seems to boil up my heart and let it come out of my mouth and when that happens I really get to see what I'm truly made of and whether or not my words are building up or if they're hurting and honestly one of the scariest things jesus ever says is in the Gospel of Matthew also where he basically says that we will actually give an account for every single word we've ever said and I think sometimes that doesn't totally sink in place it really doesn't sink in it's how we talk online do the same words that we're typing are still considered words and so if we're thinking them and we're typing them those are still the same words that we're going to be held to account for and I don't think we realize that because we've so commodified our culture and we don't see people online as real people we see them as avatars or 2d images or pixels and so I say things about them we would never say over coffee or if we met them in person and we have to wrestle with that we have to reconcile that with the fact that so many of us say so many bad things about celebrities or make fun of them when they do something dumb or just kind of critique them or snarky or sarcastic in a way that is actually revealing what's going on in our heart not theirs and lastly I love what Paul says in Ephesians he basically says let no corrupting talk come out of your mouth now that seems pretty general nothing that corrupts right and I think Paul sometimes doesn't give us the black and white rule because it's actually how we become holistic and further into that beauty and Shalom when we realize that we have to assess every word that comes out of our mouth not just this.

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