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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Preparation

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Preparation

What's up everyone George leaving here with muscle mass kiss com it's like 2am or something like that i'm coming home from walmart made a late night walmart room to get some superglue got a little cut on my thumb so hopefully that'll close it up and it won't fuck with my dead lifting tomorrow and also get some nail files just to get rid of some excess cows I got on my hand so hopefully they won't tear on me tomorrow all day have been eating a lot i've been napping laying around should i slept most of the day which i usually try and do before a heavy deadlift or cat if i can I try to do anything strenuous made like four pizzas and put like a bunch of meat and all of this stuff on them it's just wheat pizza is one of my favorite foods ever for getting strong it is it is fantastic for getting strong I don't really know why I guess dairy and hum and we also makes you hold a shit ton of water so i'm i'm probably gonna be like 335 tomorrow or something like that walking around I've been meaning to stretch I'm going to do some mobility and stuff when I go home just light I'm not gonna do anything too intense because I don't want to have myself feeling like I just worked out by the end of it just gonna stretch out my inner thighs my hamstrings a little bit i'm gonna foam roll somewhat not real hard not real intense nothing crazy and then um i'm just gonna eat a shitload i just picked up some bacon and hashbrowns and stuff like that i'm gonna go home and make breakfast in the middle of the night cream cheese bagels milk eggs cheese hash browns all that good stuff and basically just make sure I try and eat a shit load on I'm a big fan of trying to get everything in sight you know when trying to get strong it will not keep you lean but it'll make you strong and I'm supposed to dead lift tomorrow so hopefully I will be strong for that this is more or less when i go through every big workout i'm always preparing ahead of time forward i just picked up the shirt i'm going to deadlift in tomorrow just because a lot of my clothes are dairy I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear I have what I'm going to wear laid out at my shoes my gym bag all that kind of stuff already sitting out ahead of time I have you know water prepared i have like some chocolate preparing lady like a couple chocolates or something while training on a heavy deadlift work out to make sure my blood pressure excuse me blood sugars you know where it should be i don't want to be feeling like crab or anything i have my breakfast prepared have everything everything ready to go really at my music prepared my camera's going to be charged and ready to go i'm using it right now but basically everything is where it should be for me to train tomorrow I've you know caught up on a lot of stuff I need to catch up on I'm ready to basically stretch relax eat and sit around and wait to the exert max force on a bar as always guys thanks for watching my videos don't forget to check out Muslim mascis calm for approved products apparel and stuff like that online coaching and subscribe for more guys thanks you.

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