Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Obligations

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Obligations

Welcome to another video from easy student in this video we will talk about who must file form 1040 NR file form 1040 NR if any of these conditions apply to you one you were a non-resident alien engaged in a trade or business in the United States during the tax year you must file even if a you have no income from a trade or business conducted in the United States B you have no us source income or see your income is exempt from US tax under a tax treaty or any section of the Internal Revenue Code - you are a non-resident alien such as an international student and a you received us source income such as wages salaries tips scholarships fellowships etc from CPT opt and on-campus job or any such sources and be not all of the u.s. tax that you owe was withheld from that income but there are some exceptions to the criteria we've just talked about you do not need to file Form 1040 and are if you meet either of the conditions below one your only US trade or business was the performance of personal services and a your wages were less than a certain amount and B you have no other need to file a return to claim a refund of over withheld taxes to satisfy additional withholding at source or to claim income exempt or partly exempt by treaty between your country and the United States - you were a non-resident alien student teacher or trainee who was temporarily present in the United States under an F J M or Q visa and you have no income that is subject to tax under Section 871 that is the income items listed on page one of form 1040 n R lines 8 through 21 and on page four schedule any C lines one through twelve or in other words you had no income from CPT opt on campus jobs scholarships or fellowships etc if you did have income from any of those sources you must file Form 1040 NR you must remember there are many many other criteria in addition to what we talked about that earlier that makes you eligible to file Form 1040 NR if you have any questions drop us a message thanks for watching.

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