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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Maximize

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Maximize

Music alright this is john kohler with discountjuicers.com today we have another exciting episode for you copy right in the middle or pretty much at the end of making my daily juice today and today I want to show you guys a topic that's actually very important to me and probably also very important to you guys as well as you guys know I make videos on this YouTube channel I have a business called discountjuicers.com probably the number one independent retailer of all the different high-end juicers anywhere that I'm aware of I make more videos trying to educate people about the power and the benefits of the juicers vacuum blenders and other appliances that allow you to get more fresh fruits and vegetables in you and in my opinion that's really the benefit of the juicers they're not like any kind of magical device or anything like that what they do is they basically condense the volume of fruits and vegetables you could eat from you know like five pounds of carrots into simply you know five cups of juice when you juice those and now you're gonna literally get the benefits out of the five pounds of carrots that being said many people always say John it's like so hard and difficult to like make juice each and every day because I do recommend that if you want to drink juice the best way to do it is to make it and then drink it right then and there right after you make it right and that's always the best but I know a lot of you guys don't have time to juice on a regular an everyday basis so this is the video you guys will want to pay attention to now before I go into any further I do want to say if my videos have helped you select a juicer preserve your juices better or anything I would encourage you guys to help me out and you can do this by buying your juicer or other appliance dehydrator vacuum blend or even you know fermented sauerkraut crock pot maker at my website discountjuicers.com if you do this this allows me to continue to make these educational videos that I could educate you guys about what I know about juicing I've been juicing now since 1995 so that's been like the last 23 years I started luckily when I was really young and I have a lot of experience juicing using basically all the differ juice in the market so pretty much I know it all and I want to share my secrets and things with you free and clear so that you guys know the truth you know I compare juicers side by side so you guys know the truth and can make the right decision for you and that's very important to me so that people just get the truth you know because then I feel that if you have the truth you're going to make the best decision for you and you're going to be an informed consumer whereas if you go to some juice seller and you ask them what's the best juicer they say I'll buy that one it's the best well that juicers not always the best for every person there's so many different kinds of juicers and each person has their own specific goals needs and desires right so yeah so I want to thank you guys that support me and that have made your purchase for me in the past and I want to thank you guys in advance for those you guys that will purchase for me in the future and I do all you guys know that we do have a price match policy so don't think I can say 5 or 10 200 somewhere else and I'll get it from them instead of John even though I watched all his videos right let me know email me I'll put links down below so you could click a contact form you could contact me say hey John this is the best deal I've found from an authorized dealer and in most cases you know I'm glad to match any price to gain your business not only by the price which is important to many of you guys but also by the service that you won't get anywhere else other places don't make these videos that let you guys know the truth about the juicers and especially tips on how to save your juices which what will we talk about in a minute but more importantly you know you don't get after service you buy your juicer from a big-box store right they don't care about you you're just another number on their system you can't call them and say hey I'm using this juicer I'm having this problem how can we fix it I'm a juicing expert I've had more hours playing with juicers than anybody that I ever met in my life and I probably know the answer for your juicing challenge if you're having a challenge with your juicer or how to get it repaired or corrected as quickly as possible and that's what I'm here for I'm here to help you guys out in your juicing journey right so anyways links are down below to buy this juicer therapies in that today the green star pro has a link to my website so you can learn about all the different juicers that we offer anyways on what today's episode the topic today we're talking about is John how do you store your juices that best way possible I got to know five years ago six eight years ago now actually made a video I'll put a link down below where I talked about how the story of juices and at that time you know I talked about you know certain things but since that time you know time evolves and people.

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