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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Liability

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Liability

Good afternoon everyone we'd like to welcome you and thank you for joining our webinar FLSA lawsuits and how posting compliance if that's your liability a quick note before we get started please feel free to submit questions at any time during the presentation using the chat feature on your screen we will respond immediately to any technical concerns and any other questions you have about the information being presented what we answer as soon as possible after the presentation and without further ado here is Ashley Kaplan our in-house senior employment law attorney Ashley has been practicing labor and employment law for more than 18 years here a genial Ashley handles our legal compliance and also oversees the teams responsible for researching all the posting laws and developing poster guard services to meet our customers diverse needs Ashley has agreed to follow up with a response to any posting compliance questions you submit during the presentation and as a special offer to our attendees today she will also be available to provide a complimentary consultation about your specific posting compliance needs if you're interested please indicate that the question box we will contact you to set it up and now here's our presenter Ashley Kaplan thank you and welcome everyone the goal of today's webinar is to share some important information about the Fair Labor Standards Act or the FLSA and how posting compliance can affect your liability in an sls a dispute this is a really important topic because slsa lawsuits are increasing year over year and are now at an all-time high and they've actually started to become an area of concern for businesses of all sizes in all industries across the United States it used to be that these lawsuits were just concentrated in certain geographic regions but now we're starting to see them pop up in every state also enforcement by the Department of Labor is on the rise and a big part of the agency's regulatory agenda for the next two years so now is the time to review your policies and your pay practices and make sure you understand the law and have everything in order for full compliance so today we're going to talk about the most common slsa mistakes that lead to lawsuits and how to avoid them and we're going to take a look at posting compliance and how it can impact you in an sls a lawsuit or department of labor action most people think the worst thing that can happen if you don't have up the right labor law posters is a government fine but we're going to take a closer look at the real danger of non-compliance and how posting compliance can affect the outcome of your case if you're ever faced with the wage and hour dispute under the FLSA we're also going to go over a solution by post regard that will help you manage FLSA posting compliance and all of the posting requirements that apply to your business so hopefully you can crop posters off your list of worries and focus on other essential areas of HR compliance and managing your workforce and finally at the end of the presentation we're going to take a look at some of the upcoming posting changes that we're expecting in the coming months that you should be aware of the pending changes that are coming around the corner so first let's pack up and go over some FLSA basics as a foundation before we get into the common mistakes the FLSA also which is also known as the wage and hour law is one of the oldest employment related laws on the books but even though it's been around the longest it's probably the most misunderstood of all federal employment laws and I know from my experience working with all types of clients that this law can be really confusing employers and employees typically don't understand what it requires or how it works even lawyers and law firms make mistakes under this law and actually law firms are starting to see lawsuits filed by their staff members paralegals and even receptionist for wage and hour violations and often they didn't even know that they were occurring so basically the FLSA is the federal law that dictates how you must pay your employees will cover some of the specifics when we highlight the common mistakes but here's a high level overview of what the law covers first there's minimum wage the FLSA requires you to pay non-exempt employees which we're going to define in a moment to pay non-exempt employees at least the current minimum wage for every hour of work the federal minimum wage is currently 7 25 per hour but the rate is higher in most states and of course you have to pay the higher rate that applies to your employees there's also a higher minimum wage now for employees or certain federal contractors so you need to make sure you're aware of what rates apply your employees next there's over time the fosa requires you to pay non-exempt employees at the rate of time and one half their regular rate of pay if they work more than 40 hours in a workweek the law also covers child labor including the types of activities minors can and can and cannot perform and restriction on their hours aboard then there are the timekeeping and record-keeping provisions of what records you have to keep for each employee and for how long and the law also covers equal pay it includes equal pay provisions for men and women now let's take a look at what the law does not require and this is where there's a lot of confusion and you get a lot of employees thinking they have certain rights that they don't under federal law you are not required to provide meal breaks or rest periods you're not required to pay a premium rate for.

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