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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Employers

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Employers

So just hired some new employees you've had their pre-employment drug test it came back negative so you're good to go and you wonder well why should I do any more drug testing they've already been tested clear the thing IG different they're not doing drugs well that may not just be the case Music Applause I'm Tom Fullmer and welcome to the NDS video blog series with national drug screen today's guest with us is Joe Riley the president of national drug scream Joe welcome to the show today hello Tom how are you doing very well thank you for joining us today and talking about pre-employment and drug testing for employers my pleasure now so one of the things that's a common misconception is if somebody takes that pre-employment test well then obviously they're not doing drugs so why is that not the case if they take a test and they pass the test even if everything was legitimate how could that still be that they may be doing drugs or may have issues well that's a great question Tom so you do your pre-employment test and the applicant person getting ready to start the job is negative so they don't use drugs well they may have started for the test and stopped using drugs for a couple days and and they're clean and doesn't mean they don't use drugs and just doing a pre-employment test does not mean that the company is a drug-free workplace so so how does the employer protect themselves going forward obviously they they want to make sure they're testing not for just maybe the basics but things that are common abuse out there maybe they're doing something that's not testing for those things that's something important that they maybe look at what panel they're doing in that pre-employment to get started yeah well everything's important and I'll of course the panel of drugs that you use you know typically starts with a 5 panel which is marijuana cocaine and feta means opiates and PCP some companies elect to expand further but what's really important for a company that wants to be drug-free is that they implement a comprehensive drug-free workplace program so what are some of the things they're going to be be a part of that so what are some of the components they need to make sure they have in place for that ongoing testing to make that policy effective and making sure their employees are drug-free absolutely so I've been working with employers for 20 plus years and I've basically been putting the same program together for employers a comprehensive drug-free workplace program that has five components a written drug-free workplace policy employee education educating employees on the harmful effects of drugs supervisor training making sure supervisors know the policy know how to manage the policy and making sure that they know about reasonable suspicion signs and symptoms that an employee may be using drugs number four access to employee assistance programs in other words where can an employee get help if they do have a substance abuse issue an employer should make that available where can they get help it might be an in-house EAP program it might be an outsourced program but we need to make it available where can we get help and then finally drug testing and drug testing is to trust and verify and included in the pre-employment drug testing we need to do random testing because random testing is what puts teeth in the program it identifies drug users and it may deter folks from using drugs right and one thing that we're going to wrap this up is that we talk about the pre-employment and you put the policy in place and all that situations change people can start using because of you know a divorce or an issue any number of things could happen along that process that's why that random testing is so important and something that you mentioned I want to come back to is the reasonable suspicion having your your supervisors trained to look for that as part of that that's really a key component of that and recently you wrote a book on that and that you have available and you share a little bit about that and what's covered in that and how that could be maybe helpful to the employers as part of that overall program yeah absolutely so reasonable suspicion testing is really important because if you've got somebody working and you're suspecting them of using drugs based on signs and symptoms they're staggering they got bloodshot eyes they are slurred speech the smell of marijuana different things like that supervisors really need to be trained to identify those signs and symptoms we recently published a book reasonable suspicion for drugs and alcohol it's a great starting point for a company to make that available through their supervisors and we have additional training available live training webinar training online training every company should have reasonable suspicion training for their supervisors that's one I think there's some great boys thank you very much for sharing that with us preciate you're coming in and in the books available on national drug screening com3 Tom yeah so thanks for joining us today for our video blog series and remember of pre-employment testing doesn't mean drug-free employees so have all those components that Joe mentioned to us in place and you have a much better chance of having a safe work environment for more information visit us at national drug screening com go to our blog and check out our other videos blog posts news and information that can help you have a safer and more productive workplace thanks again for joining us and check us out on our next video Music Music you.

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