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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Employers

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Employers

So, just hired some new employees. You've had their pre-employment drug test and it came back negative, so you're good to go. And you wonder, well, why should I do any more drug testing? They've already been tested clear. The thing is, it's different. They're not doing drugs. Well, that may not just be the case. Music Applause. I'm Tom Fullmer and welcome to the NDS video blog series with National Drug Screen. Today's guest with us is Joe Riley, the president of National Drug Screen. Joe, welcome to the show today. Hello Tom, how are you doing? Very well, thank you for joining us today and talking about pre-employment and drug testing for employers. My pleasure. Now, one of the things that's a common misconception is if somebody takes that pre-employment test, then obviously they're not doing drugs. So why is that not the case? If they take a test and they pass the test, even if everything was legitimate, how could that still be that they may be doing drugs or may have issues? Well, that's a great question Tom. So you do your pre-employment test and the applicant, person getting ready to start the job, is negative. So they don't use drugs. Well, they may have started for the test and stopped using drugs for a couple days, and it doesn't mean they don't use drugs. And just doing a pre-employment test does not mean that the company is a drug-free workplace. So, how does the employer protect themselves going forward? Obviously, they want to make sure they're testing not just for maybe the basics, but things that are commonly abused out there. Maybe they're doing something that's not testing for those things. That's something important that they may look at. What panel are they doing in that...