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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Download

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Download

Are you stuck on where to start creating a Content calendar for 2022 well grab a pen and paper grab a coffee because in this video I'm going to take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create your content calendar for social media for 2022 plus if you stick around to the end I'm going to give you the template that I use so that you can bypass a lot of the hard work and guys if you want the best social media and content marketing tips tricks tutorials and how-tos then make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell below so that you're notified when I put out a new video every Wednesday now let's get into it if the idea of creating a Content calendar overwhelms you or fries your brain then number one you are not alone but stick with me because I'm going to take you step-by-step through everything I go through and by the end of this video you'll know exactly how to create a Content calendar for yourself this is the process that I use with pretty much all of my clients and it's pretty freaking awesome if I may say so myself okay so if you've got your pen and paper let's dive in now basically my content calendars Center around five bigger questions that I asked myself and then in answer to those questions I'm able to attribute certain content within my calendar so let me walk you through those questions the first question is what are the main goals that I am trying to achieve so included in this question is what are the main platforms I'm going to use this year what what is the priority on my website am I looking for traffic to my website am I looking for traffic to other platforms or am I looking for growth you need to understand where you're headed with those goals in order to make good decisions around your content so for example in eleven lights media our priority is less on our website and more on social and that's purely because people hear about me and follow me and then I connect with me through social media and that's actually how I grow my business so for me to drive growth and traffic around the different social media channels that I use is a high priority to me however for some people they actually want more traffic to their website and that's fine the other thing is perhaps you have a channel that's of high importance for you to grow so specifically for eleven lights media this year I have placed a larger emphasis on YouTube being my primary platform and Instagram being my other primary platform I never typically recommend more than two platforms as primary platforms because it just overwhelms people and most people don't have the resources or the team yet to sustain that kind of content output and even that content trail like following things and seeing if they're actually making a difference so that being said I do have what I would call sub platform so I'm still going to be posting on Facebook just a lot less frequently and I'm probably going to be doing a lot less original content for those platforms and it's going to be repurposing of other content I've created elsewhere for YouTube and for Instagram I'm also having LinkedIn this year as a sub platform for eleven likes media so just to recap that make sure you know your goals for your content before you start so you know where to put your energy once you begin creating content the second question that I asked myself for myself and for my clients is what will my pillar content be so we've already established that YouTube is of high priority for 11:00 lights media this year and so therefore my pillar content is going to be this video these types of videos that are how to's or tutorials they are packed with information and education and therefore they stand alone as really strong pieces of content and I will likely draw heavily from these pillar videos for my Instagram inspiration so to speak so when we're asking questions about what our pillar content is to be we have to know what our primary platform is which we've already addressed in the first question and we have to know what format we're going to produce content in so let me go a little left field for a second because this is not something that I do for myself in my business however somebody's pillar content might actually be their podcast so that format is then audio and that becomes important later on when we look at micro content so let me regroup for a second at this point we have not put a single thing on our content calendar yet however that's okay because that's going to start falling into place with these last couple of questions so my third question is what is my schedule how often do I want to be posting on these platforms and probably even more realistically how often can I create content once you know how often you want to be posting and also how often you can create the content you now have the ability to open up a calendar and have a look at the spots that need to be filled for some people it's going to be every day and multiple times a day across multiple platforms for other people it's going to be a handful of times a week or even a handful of times a month in order for them to establish consistency and sidenote bonus tip right here consistency is everything and it's also the hardest thing to do but consistency wins business more times than a perfect feed or a perfect video or perfect audio you have to understand that.

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