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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Diversification

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Diversification

Are you losing sleep worrying about your finances has the value of your investment portfolio and Ira taking a big hit lately has your 401k become a 201 k and have you noticed that your dollars just don't seem to go as far as they used to well if you're concerned you're not alone and there's good reason to be the u.s. dollar is decreased in value over fourteen percent in just the last year and a half alone in fact the dollar has dropped ninety-five percent in value in the last ninety eight years stocks have also taken a huge hit over the last few years surprisingly however gold and silver are up over four hundred percent over the last ten years alone many economists are saying that this is just the beginning and several believe that the price of gold and silver are expected to continue climbing as economic instability and our massive debt continues to grow at unprecedented levels so it's not hard to figure out that it's just plain old smart to exchange some of your dollars that continue to drop in value for some gold and silver that continue to go up in value the problem is many people don't have a clue about what to do they don't know what they should buy and they don't know where they should buy it from if you're watching this video and are not a member of our exclusive club you are paying too much for your precious metals you see many gold and silver dealers you know the ones you see advertising on TV 24-7 and hear on the radio and see in print media well they're typically charging anywhere from five to twenty five percent markup on all the precious metals they sell they have to charge that much to keep their lights on pay all of their overhead make a profit and still stay in business that's where we come in we can help we're preservation of wealth and we're the only company in the world using a membership business model for precious metals since poww is a membership program the company makes its small profits from the very affordable membership fees that are thousands of members pay the main benefit our members receive is the ability to buy all the gold and silver they want at true or direct wholesale prices yep you heard that right poww makes nothing not a zip zilch off all the gold silver bullion our members purchase plus there are no minimum purchases and no maximum purchases any size order is fine we totally cut out the middleman the dealer now you get to save the five to twenty-five percent on all your bullion purchases that the dealer would otherwise put in his pocket it's kind of like Costco or Sam's wholesale club but for silver and gold the difference is we don't make one penny from the metals our members by so how does poww get the word out about this amazing program they enlist the help of average people just like you and me to help get the word out and in return they reward those who help spread the word with cash in fact poww has one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry with poww you can save big on your metals become partners and start your own home-based business but unlike most home-based businesses where there's large upfront costs and mandatory monthly costs poww is a breath of fresh air members simply join for an annual cost of only two hundred and forty nine dollars there are no required additional monthly fees plus you get a free company website to share with others who may want the same benefits over our half of our members actually save the cost of their membership fee with their very first purchase we also offer our members the preservation of wealth protection package in this day and age especially with our current economy you have to protect yourself we provide our members with quick and easy ways to protect themselves and their families it all begins with our valuable benefits card which entitles our members to free legal services that include things like a free simple will in annual updates free unlimited phone consultations attorney review of legal documents and much more valued at four hundred dollars add to that an annual description to lifelock to ensure your identity is always protected safe and secured valued at 120 dollars and we also offer our members of free financial help line from the most basic questions to the more complex our accredited financial counselors can help debt health care expenses housing issues credit card spending taxes college funding retirement planning are just some of the issues that our members can get help with this is valued at two hundred dollars so let's do the math with just our additional benefits this adds up to a staggering 720 dollars annual value and we offer all of this for only two hundred and forty nine dollars and that doesn't even factor in what you'll be saving on your precious metals purchases or the income you can generate by simply telling others about our program I think you'll agree that if you love saving lots of money and getting the best value for your dollar you'll love poww once you join poww you can share this great idea with others showing others how they can save money is easy poww offers the exact same gold and silver coins and bars that everyone else offers but we have the lowest prices at poww we believe that friends don't let friends pay too much for their gold and silver so how much money can you make with poww well every time someone joins poww through you you'll earn a 100-dollar direct commission and when the people that you brought in bring in new people you'll earn a twenty dollar in.

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