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One thing that really warms my heart is that the world gets to see yet again how spectacular Texans are and just this we've been talking about how this event in this moment is a unifier and how everybody has come out to celebrate this great man and to be a part of this movement in this moment and it's something similar that happened after Hurricane Harvey and the world got to see another unifier and the way that we all come together no matter what our thoughts and beliefs are just got an email from a woman Dominique named Connie Wong she put in the title bar America loves Bush Bush loved America Americans are showing this today on the past week so proud of us yes exactly everyone all Americans Thank You Connie Wong that's the feeling I think that people have one of Pride patriotism sense of being together that's that's what you know this sort of spectacle brings out in us that were together we're Americans were proud of one other word we're together and there they are together Americans Texans the American flag people waiting feeling happy to be a part of something that is sad to lose a president to lose a great man to lose the matriarch and patriarch of a family that we've called our own is not easy but yet we celebrate him today we celebrate them this year of 2022 where we've lost both Bush's we're grateful for them we're grateful for their service their commitment to our country to our community to each other and that's what you're seeing today is just an outpouring of love and appreciation got another email here from the fellow who's the GM a general manager of sales operations for some company here who says complementarity that you're doing an incredible job of the coverage I think what he really what he's really saying here is he's glad to be a part of it to watch online or untell this very historic moment because without this without the the window on the world that television gives you you can't be a part of it and it's 15 years in the making is we've said the media planning in preparation for an event like this is it's an extra nominal amount of work time and effort to set up and to make sure everything is in place and and I think that the planning and execution have been superb don't you herb superb and the weather has cooperated and everything has just gone without a hitch on time and respectful so Jim Grenada Bush 41 leaves the White House in the early 1990s what happens after that he licks his wounds for a while I mean he was he was he was hurt but he came back to Houston and he just poured himself into the community didn't many things a lot of people thought he would not come back here thought we'd seen the end the last of them when he left the White House said he'd go back to to the east coast to Maine but he came back sticks he sticks with his friends opened an office over on Wood way and had his staff and went to work doing what he was involved in numerous we Charles foster recounts some of those things but it was he was a the ambassador for the city in some sense because he knew I mean world leaders would want to come to Houston just to visit with with President Bush he helped the city grow in significant ways yes so he was kind of like I guess is a one-man Chamber of Commerce for the city I guess you could say because of his his name recognition and again the fact that he was he was the most powerful leader in the world but he had been involved in the public arena not only nationally internationally for decades so he had all kinds of friends who I'm sure he wrote notes to and things that's what he was only had personal touch there was a bond between him and I mean the list must be on just uncountable and people that he knew and the level of fundraising - I mean you mention all the friendships that he made and those friends would press in and rely on him for help to serve as you know honorary chair or in some role fundraiser to help with their particular charities and organizations he became entrenched in this community in that way both he and Barbara and of course he was the biggest champion and supporter of her literacy campaign and would focus on his points of light and you know they would they would continue their message in a private way right and another investment the state was building the bush school day em I mean he didn't have to do it here in this state he could have gone you know typically you go to your alma mater he said he's a Yalie so he could have talked you know done something in the Ailes for example and he chose to he wanted to be involved in high-speed rail in Texas today I mean you know he he he told them let me know how this progresses I want to be part of the Sun I want to be on the first train and then somebody said you know this isn't gonna happen till 23 or something like that or 29 whatever whatever that day was and and he said what's your point okay so they're burrowing into hufsmith now and we have a reporter there but unfortunately we can't get a signal from from that unit yet so but you know when I came to Houston 45 years ago you could still see the s person building we didn't have a skyline you saw the s person building the Hyatt Hotel which.

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