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We work in a world filled with devices that can monitor us, locate us, and tell us what to do. This raises the question: who watches you work, and how does work change when you know someone's watching you do it? There's one industry that's asking that question more than ever: trucking. Self-driving semi trucks program followed routes from GPS systems while the driver rests. Over time, automation will dramatically change work for the 3.5 million truck drivers in America. But until then, truckers are going to be monitored and managed by computers like never before. And if you want to know what happens when people start to reject that kind of monitoring, here's what that looks like. It's like wearing an ankle bracelet where you're being tracked every move you make. "We are against this law because this is ruining our truckers' lives. I want the government to get out of the way. I give you the opportunity to be a success." This is the Department of Transportation during a week of trucker-organized demonstrations in October 2017. They're protesting these things called electronic logging devices or ELDs. These are computers that go inside a car, hook up to the car's engine, and monitor location, driving status, how fast a car is going, and basically report that information back to an employer. They also manage a driver's workday based on a strict schedule designed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to limit driver fatigue. Truckers can drive for a maximum of 11 hours per day, but they have to take a 30-minute break somewhere in between. They can work an additional three non-driving hours but have to take a 10-hour break before they can start driving again. As of December 2017, these devices are mandatory in all trucks across the country. Oftentimes...