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We work in a world filled with devices that can monitor us locate us and tell us what to do and that raises the question who watches you work and how does work change when you know someone's watching you do it there's one industry that's asking that question more than ever trucking self-driving semi trucks program followed routes from GPS systems while the driver rests over time automation will dramatically change work for the 3.5 million truck drivers in America but until then truckers are going to be monitored and managed by computers like never before and if you want to know what happens when people start to reject that kind of monitoring here's what that looks like it's like we're gonna ankle bracelet where you're being tracked every move you make we are against this law because this is ruining our truckers life I want the government to get out of the way I give you the opportunity to be a success Music this is the Department of Transportation during a week of trucker organized demonstrations in October 2022 they're here protesting these things called electronic logging devices or al these what these are are they're protesting these things Kali Music these are computers that go inside a car hook up to the cars engine and monitor location driving status how fast a car is going and basically report that information back to an employer they also manage a drivers workday based on a strict schedule designed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to limit driver fatigue truckers can drive for a maximum of 11 hours per day but they have to take a 30-minute break somewhere in between they can work an additional three non driving hours but have to take a 10 hour break before they can start driving again as of December 2022 these devices are mandatory in all trucks across the country oftentimes when we talk about automation and trucking in another workplace context there's a big concern about massive like a massive spike in unemployment but oftentimes the way this gets discussed is that it's like human human human robot and you see a big spike in unemployment and what I think is is more realistic if that like the curve is more gradual right so you do see robots starting to get integrated into the work but in not in this sudden way that invites this kind of interesting question which is like well what happens along the curve and the answer is that you're going to see more integration between machine machines carrying out some part of the job and humans carrying out some part of the job truckers across the u.s. have been preparing for the first big step on that curve working alongside ALDS this is the LD Ryan talking about the Ald mandate transitioning everyone into the eld Eve now but the one-size-fits-all schedule that this device imposes is not new the strict breakdown of driving non driving and sleeping time has been used in one form or another since 1938 the longer drivers go without a break the higher the rate of fatigue related accidents so the system was designed to limit a truckers driving time to fit natural sleep patterns so this is kind of analog technology that the digital one is supposed to replace but circumventing those rules was quite common with paper log books since they could be changed by hand like if you sat down and looked at this for five minutes you would figure out how to falsify it if you needed to right it's like pretty imprecise so ill these aren't necessarily creating any new rules but they're making the existing ones a lot harder to break for truckers paid by the mile that translates into an intense pressure to drive as much as they possibly can within the eleven hour time limit they can't pause without actively losing money soon as you turn that key on in the truck you're they're watching you if you're tired you can't stop and take a nap if you need to stop and you hit our aggro construction a snowstorm your hours are ticking many of the truckers who protested in DC have near-perfect safety records after driving millions of miles over their careers and they're doubtful that a device that tells them how to structure their days will make them any safer a 2022 report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that drivers who use DL DS had an eleven point seven percent reduction in total crash rate and a 5.1 percent reduction in preventable crash rate but since only a limited group of drivers were using a L DS when the study was conducted it's hard to know how representative those safety numbers are a 2022 report by a committee of the National Academies of Sciences engineering and medicine stated that there simply isn't enough data on fatigue related crash rates more broadly and argued that further research is needed before changing the law that sets drive time limits we're not computers we don't have an off button the thing this does do is it forces you to get up and go if you're tired it forces you to get up and go if you don't feel good you do not have the choice with this machine to drive like we used to and it's not about running 24 hours a day it's about making a common-sense decision on how you feel how the road conditions are whether or not you want to run through rush hour etc etc etc one of the core complaints about e l DS is that they don't understand a trucker's body or the context a trucker could be totally alert and just 20 minutes away from home but legally required to stop for 10 hours if they ran out of having time but ironically there's now a growing market of technologies designed.

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