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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Blog

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Blog

Music hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be all about this little cutie I had quite a few people ask to ask a few questions but then also ask how much fit inside and I actually got the chance to use this over the Thanksgiving holiday we did go out of town for like four or five days and I got to use this and honestly whenever I packed it and we were headed out I was like I have to do a video as soon as possible on this little piece because it fit so much so just to kind of give you a little bit of a idea of what my plan is for these type of items one I purchased this really mainly for travel not that you couldn't use it for an everyday item and I'll talk a little bit about that towards the end of the video but my sole purpose of buying this was actually going to be my makeup bag for travel my plan was actually to buy this and then eventually buy one other piece either the toiletry 26 or the toiletry 25 I think is what it's called and um and yes that was kind of my plan I plan on buying two items I haven't obviously gotten the other one so whenever we went out of town for Thanksgiving you know a couple weeks ago I was like you know what I'm just gonna have to go a little bit more compact than I'd like to and fit everything in this and then whenever I get the other item that obviously I'll be able to separate like my makeup and then like my skincare and shower stuff and that's kind of my plan with this now it is packed and I want it to pack it up again for you guys just like I packed it up for Thanksgiving so that you could get you guys see exactly how it looks how it kind of wears with everything in it so it is pretty heavy right now but I have a ton of stuff in there so let me go ahead and show you really quickly what it looks like like I said it's completely full and so I'm going to grab it by the handles and I just want you to see kind of what it looks like when it's full you can kind of see how it pulls it does look like it pulls a little but again it's heavy I don't recommend doing it this heavy as heavy as I did especially on a regular basis you're going to be surprised with how much stuff that I have in there so there is a little bit of pulling right here um you can kind of see it but I don't think it's really bad I think that candle is a pretty good sturdy handle if you didn't get to see oh and by the way yes this is pronounced nice BB I know that I know in the other video I said nice and then I made notes in the info bar I guess I I didn't realize that so many people don't read the infobox and I'm sorry you know I apologize for the confusion but yes it is pronounced nice BB and yes I did know that but when I see the word when I see the four letters in IC e I see nice and nice is a good word so I'll probably call it nice I'll probably call it nice but uh when I see it I see I see i I just read it nice and and I don't really like I don't give myself a hard time if I say a french word wrong because I'm not crying so I don't like those kind of things though like it is what it is it's still the same item this is you know it is called a nice baby but it is spelled nice BB just kind of FYI but yeah because I remember whenever I was ordering this and talking with my essay about it she kept saying nice I kept saying nice and like it was just really funny I don't know but anyways um so yes so it does have a really nice sturdy handle you can see there it says leave it on Paris it is of course monogrammed to my knowledge it's not available in any other canvases or leathers it does have this you know solid piece here and the zipper doesn't go all the way around but it does go you know for the most part it stops there I do like that it has the piping on the bottom as well as the top it is not reinforced and whenever it's whenever it's empty I'll go into that a little bit more but because of the fact that it has the piping on the bottom and the top mainly the bottom it does keep it structure a lot better than let's say like a speedy so you can see that it's full and it's not necessarily sagging not that I'm saying that it won't eventually sag because it probably will but you know ask this is a brand new piece for me I haven't had it for I really can't give any full-blown kind of wear and tear ideas on what this would look like over a period of time just because I haven't had it long enough but based on just kind of my opinion and the way that it is wearing right now I would say that it probably will suck a little bit it's not going to sag a ton though just simply because you have the structure of the piping here another thing is is I do see that you know you probably need to be a little bit careful right here.

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