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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Attach

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Attach

I guess you can't call this a project. This is more of a fix-up or repair. I've got my old skill saw here, and the problem I've got with it is that the cord is broken right there. So, I'm going to replace the cord at some time past. I think, Holly, a year ago, I put a new end on a new plug, and I'll save that and put it on a new cord. Well, first off, I've got the screws to remove in here. And I've got the correct size Torx bit because that's what they are. Just remove those, like a five, and pull them out. They were okay, no problem. Those are in the shallow sockets right here. My bit could fit in. The last one is right inside here, so I got a bit holder that goes down so far, and then it stops. So, I guess the hole gets narrower as it goes down. I've got a 3/8 inch bit and I'm going to try to clean out this hole with. I can take the bit holder, put the bit in my screwdriver, and then use that to get in there and undo that screw. The handle on the back should come right off. Now, here's the switch here, and it's got screw terminals on the back here. And looking at it, I can tell that I've already changed the cord on this. I didn't think I did, but I guess at some point I did. Take the screw out that holds the switch in. These ones go off to the motor, these ones come in from the cord, and that definitely looks like something I would do. I took the cord, the wires, I split them in half, I twisted the first part...