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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will Form 843 Attach

Instructions and Help about Will Form 843 Attach

I guess you can't call this a project this is more of a fix-up or repair I've got my old skill saw here and the problem I've got with it is that the cord is broken right there so I'm going to replace the cord out at some time past I think Holly a year ago I put a new end on a new plug and I'll save that and put it on a new cord well first off I've got the screws to remove in here and I've got the correct size Torx bit because that's what they are just remove those like a five and pulled out they were okay no problem those are in the shallow sockets right here my bit could fit in the last one is right inside here so I got a bit holder that goes down so far and then it stops so I guess the hole gets narrower as it goes down I've got a 3/8 inch bit and I'm going to try to clean out this hole with I can take the bit holder put the bed in my screwdriver and then use that to get in there and undo that screw handle on the back should come right off now here's the switch here and it's got screw terminals on the back here and looking at it I can tell that I've already changed the cord on this I didn't think I did but I guess at some point I did take the screw out that holds the switch in these ones go off to the motor these ones come in from the cord and that definitely looks like something I would do I took the cord the wires I split them in half I twisted the first part around I then twisted this the middle part around a shaft big enough for this screw to go through and then twisted the end to make a kind of a ring connector I'll just take these screws out of course I need a different size Torx or a standard driver bit to remove that I don't really recall doing this before but like I say I must have I've owned this saw for quite a long time it's probably going on something like 20 years stick though so completely and put them down there so I don't lose them now take this right out of there and I want to save this I want to put the new cord through this and that'll you know keep the cord from breaking close to the body of course it didn't stop it from breaking out here but then this course that these saws come with are pretty cheap I think actually that's what happened it broke in one place first and then I moved it up like made it shorter I could do the same with this except this broken there it's broken in a few other places too so this is the new cord it's about 10 or 11 feet long it's a good quality rubber insulation cord so it's going to last good long time also it's a three connector it's got a ground wire in there I'm not going to use the ground wire not inside the saw I will connect it to the ground prong on the plug though because it doesn't hurt to have it there I'm just going to shove the new cord through this sleeve then I'm going to trim about an inch and a half of the insulation off of the new wire just very carefully score it around and just break it the rest away and I want to cut into the wires underneath pull that off now inside there's some paper and they help and give the court some more strength just going to cut those off then I'm going to cut off the ground wire because there's no place to connect it inside the saw the saw is double insulated so it doesn't need the ground wire and at least we relate the black and the white these are interchangeable inside the saw really doesn't matter which terminal you put them on on the switch now to do this I need to do is split the wires and equal portions wrap the first part just a little bit then I'm going to use the I'm going to use the bigger torques as a shaft to wrap the end around and I'm going to wrap that tight and so what that leaves me with is that ring that the screw will fit right into and it will tighten up very well inside the switch terminal do the same on the other one now I can take those and attach them to the switch screw through let's say I'm just going to use my bit holder without the handle in us get these started that one and then this one tighten that down tighten that down and tuck the rest of the wire in around so that it doesn't interfere with anything I give these last tightening and I was ready to put back in the song and well switch go has been in the same way it came out there are some holders in here for the wires and try to get those in there so that the thing is out of the way then the wires from the court we're here too now this is a bit tricky I think I actually have to cut some more insulation off because it looks like yeah this has to sneak around there somehow so this is going to be too thick okay so let's try that again I cut some more insulation off about that much that should make it clear this post in here I switch put back in get the wires tucked into that holder in there and then it goes around that and then it comes through this piece right.

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