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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 843 Pub

Instructions and Help about Why Form 843 Pub

Our firm's internet marketing and search engine optimization has led you here to this video there could be many reasons why you've landed here looking for search engine optimization it could be that you just know that your website needs to have a better ranking on Google to create organic traffic bip your website needs to be producing more revenue or you're looking to attract a better client or maybe just more leverage in your market we're going to show you how we've been able to change hundreds of businesses online presence with the rinse and repeat process that has made us revenue generating experts online here's what a few of our clients are seeing about us from small business owners to CEOs to your local mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies we're continuing to leave a trail of success wherever we go find out what we can do for your business right after this hiring a firm to do search engine optimization for your company's website is one of the smartest decisions you've looked into doing but it can also be one of the most difficult in finding the right one to hire having your website ranked high enough to generate organic traffic is seventy-five percent of the problem solved but the real magic comes in that last twenty five percent more website traffic in many cases doesn't equal more revenue if you're lacking the missing parts these moving parts are enables every website to flourish online and almost all of them are overlooked you know it comes down to does your website have an inviting page structure or does it have great written sales copy or is there problems going on offline with your sales conversion and under trained staff or a lack of a great offline sales script over the last seven years we've been very successful spotting all the weak spots and hundreds of businesses and strengthening them to ensure that all parts are working together fluidly to ensure maximum revenue we've never been just an SEO firm we spend more of a search engine marketing firm I'd like to give you a short brief list of things that you really need to look before you consider hiring anyone to doing search engine optimization to your website because search engine optimization is worthless if it's not producing new revenue or getting you a return on your investment so here it is the SEO buyer's guide number one on the list look out for cookie cutter search engine optimization prices that's any company using blanket prices in very low prices at 499 or five ninety-nine a month they just don't understand business very well you know there are no two businesses alike and each business has its own set of financial goals they'd like to achieve a local business trying to capture a local metropolitan market would never be charged as much as a national company going after a global market stop and think about it there's absolutely no way that you could believe that someone could earn your online business an extra twenty thousand or a million dollars a month in revenue by charging a hundred and twenty five dollars a week that's at less and what a part-time employee at McDonald's would earn and on to number two make sure they've had success in ranking difficult revenue producing keywords in the area that you live in it's very difficult to tell you the best barber is or the best financial advisor or even the best insurance agent because everyone has their own opinion but the greatest part about search engine optimization is as Google actually tells us who the best firms are in your particular area if you'll notice the example that I have up all you need to do is type in your city and the word SEO behind it i'm using st. Louis as the example but if you live in Chicago then you would type in Chicago SEO I kind of think you got the point every SEO company fights tooth and nail to make sure that they're on this particular page to show everyone that they're the best at what they do the very second thing that you're going to want to look at is multiple listings the top 10 in your area we want to make sure that they're not one hit wonders and if you'll notice in one of the cities that we service which is st. Louis we have multiple upon multiple listings on page one and you'll have to ask yourself if they're losing the battle this about in their own area what makes you think that they're going to get in the trenches and when one for you multiple listings on page one in any metropolitan area solidifies at a company no search engine optimization and can fight for very difficult revenue-producing keywords and dominate your competition on to number three just because someone works around computers doesn't mean they know search engine optimization don't make the mistake of thinking that a web designer or someone that's in information technology IT or anyone that works on computers or software knows anything about SEO I've worked with many different CEOs and business owners and tried to explain them exactly the formula of what they need to do to get their website turned around and they always want to take it back to their web development team or their IT what they don't get is is they want to keep their job security and don't want to let you know that they have no clue how to get it done because if they did your website would already be producing the revenue and already be ranked very highly and getting the organic traffic that you desired web designing is a great talent but a pretty looking website is not going to bring you traffic or revenue web designers are no more than architects just because.

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