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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 843 Pm

Instructions and Help about Why Form 843 Pm

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so this is going to going to be a comparison video for you guys I've had quite a people asked quite a few people asked me to do this ever since I purchased this beauty and obviously I'm going to be comparing it to my other one which is my agenda p.m. and my agenda mmm and so this is going to be just kind of a general comparison video I've only had my agenda mmm for a little while but I've been using it every day and I already love it but I would definitely do see pretty big differences in the two and so I do think I can definitely do a comparison video and I also think you're gonna you know this will pretty much give you guys an idea of how I feel about bows I think they're both great they're both so stinkin cute and so let's just go and get started on the physical differences of the two look at the difference in the size of course this is the PM here this is the mm you can see the difference in the size it's pretty significant I personally feel like it's a pretty significance they both are one piece of canvas all the way front to back and then have this strip here of with the gold little button here you can see the difference in the two there you can see the difference in the tubes the spine and then you can see the difference here let's do this one and the two here okay so let me go ahead and open them up for you real quick the difference in the inside this one has three credit card slots and then has this slit pocket there and then another slit pocket in the back we put the pin and I just took it out so there you go and then this one has double the amount of credit card slots I took a few things out just to show you has six credit card slots and then it has a little bitty pocket of slip pocket there and then here it's kind of like a little I don't know what this would be called for like a little insert pocket there and you can see the pin there now the difference between the two as far as the pin is pretty significant the inem can hold a full sized pin I haven't gotten a she'll pin for her yet that I will be I'll probably get like a gold one but I just haven't stopped by like Office Depot or ordered when I'm probably going to actually order one from Amazon like I did on my p.m. look at the difference in the size of the pins this is a full sized pin it's just a pin I grabbed and then this is the pin that I have for the agenda PM I ordered it from Amazon I'll link it below I've had quite a few people ask about it I mean Holdings out really quickly and I'll show you the difference this is such a cute pin it's teeny teeny teeny weeny it's golden silver really nice push push pin um I had no problems with it even though it's tiny but I do want you to see how much smaller it is then a full sized pin it's a pretty significant difference in ignore my nails I just peel them off but it's a pretty significant difference and then even just the thickness of the pin look at how it's just a really really small little pin so so yeah that would be one thing where I could see it definitely being a con for people the size of the pin that you would have to get because it's really small however I never felt like I hated this pin or disliked this pin because of the size I didn't really bother them and yes it's small but it never felt weird or awkward or uncomfortable you could see it fits in my hand you know just fine so yeah okay um another thing I want you to notice on the two is the size of the Rings and so here are the rings for the PM agenda you can see they're pretty small there you can see them there and then look at the Rings for the mm you get six rings on both in there you go that's where you see the big difference there you can see how much bigger these rings are um let's see yeah I I guess that's pretty much it as far as the physicalness of it um I guess I can go into the pros and cons and kind of tell you my thoughts umm what my thoughts on this I do think that this is a small agenda but I think it's perfect if you're just wanting to keep track of like personal stuff your own stuff not really anything else you you either keep your work separate or you don't have a job outside of the home and you're just wanting something really really simple a quick grab and go a quick lists a quick to do list wish list grocery sure list you know Christmas lists things like that I think this is great for smaller tasks let me show you what my calendar looks like in here it is really small I had this layout I had the one month on two pages you can see how small these little cubes are so they're great just to jot down doctor's appointment 3:00 p.m. you know no school today you know really really quick stuff but you could not put a lot of detail now can you can you do something more like a week on two pages absolutely but you're not going to be able to put the whole.

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