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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 843 Managerial

Instructions and Help about Why Form 843 Managerial

Angel is brought to you by NetSuite from Oracle the only system you need to run your business go to NetSuite comm slash angel to get your free guide called crushing the five barriers to growth hey everybody welcome to angel the podcast I'm your host Jason Calacanis and this is the podcast where we talk to investors early stage investors now some of them are running incubators like my guest today others are angel investors some have small angel funds and some are even venture capitals but they all operate in what's called what we would call early stage investing which means day to day 1,000 first 3 years of a company as far as I'm concerned is the early stage now what do I do as an angel investor I invest in 30 40 companies a year and I do it with a fund and with Jason's syndicate comm which if you are an accredited investor you can go there and sign up and you can see the angel investments I'm making and potentially join us as we invest in companies it's a lot of fun read the book angel the book comm it's a book I wrote about my experience investing in 150 companies the lessons I learned hitting six unicorns in 125 investments now my guest today is Pete flinch and he not only is an investor now with nfx and running an incubator that has just great buzz and it's relatively new but I met him when he was the CEO of truly a unicorn I believe you hit unicorn status did you at least yeah yeah which was sold to Zillow tremendous do you truly go public and then got bought by Zillow yeah so we went public in 2023 and the an acquired...