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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why Form 843 Employment

Instructions and Help about Why Form 843 Employment

Thanks for joining us for our on the clock web extras this week state officials are projecting that New Mexico will lose about 2,000 jobs in the coming months due to falling oil prices merit is there anything the state can do to address this and it wasn't this predictable like about four months ago a lot of people poo-pooed this like all prices will come back up we won't lose that many jobs two thousand sounds like a lot to me what do you make of this we're in a kind of a global fight right now over prices and we have the the OPEC nations very much do not want us becoming energy energy sufficient showing energy self-reliant so yeah we the oil and gas producing states are going to continue to see ebbs and flows and waning and waxing until we have a more stable energy policy go Philly to make this 2,000 jobs ouch and Kevin from San Juan County which is oil and gas industry I think a lot of people don't understand the difference between the two areas of crude and natural gas right the crude oil which is not big up in the four corners but more natural gas has an effect on the jobs and capping and that type of thing but not as much as maybe some place like Texas and some of these areas back down in Hobbs and in those areas were they're doing a lot of crude oil where you've got the price down so low the market will adjust itself somewhere the question is where and how long but yes it does affect you but meanwhile Eric to 15 it's not bad for the consumer I mean people loving its economic development energy strategy we can keep clean to these old industries and say you know let's write out the next you know ebb and flow or we can say you know this this ought to be a little wake-up call what can we do to bring more alternative energy more solar or wind online so that we can create jobs there and start to transition folks into some other industries me Sophie what do you think areas are already feeling the pain I mean I've been hearing from businesses in the Farmington area about how business has dropped off retail has dropped off restaurants have dropped off the communities know it's happening it's already hitting them and it's going to hit harder than 2,000 jobs I agree i think it's that's just the beginning of it before like fuel says it levels off but we'll see what happens.

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