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Instructions and Help about Who Form 843 Liability

Number 26 alright time has expired mr. Becerra is recognized he was German gentlemen thank you very much for your testimony and the meat she offers something mr. Miller you said he said foolish mistakes were made I think the president actually said it better he said that the handling of those tax exempt applications in that process at the IRS was outrageous and intolerable no excuse and as much as we know that the folks at IRS have a thankless job because they have to go and tell their fellow Americans that they may be audited or they have to do this work understand we have to maintain the confidence in the system because it's a voluntary system of payment of our taxes hungry and so you are right it was a foolish mistake but the president's even more correct that it was outrage it was a foolish mistake but the president's even more correct it was outrageous and in Tal intolerable now let me also focus on something mr. George you said when you were asked was there any finding or evidence of political motivation here you said no that's correct sir and so what we find is a situation where inexcusable activity took place because it roads the confidence of the American people in a system where they participate voluntarily and if there's a place in public service where you have to have the highest level of condoms and standards it's at the IRS and so mr. Mueller I think it's unfortunate for those who are in positions of authority but the book has to stop somewhere and I think that's exactly exactly what we're saying that should not diminish the good work that has been done by anyone within the IRS over the years and so I hope you understand that you are here today talking to us because we need to get to the bottom of this we need to clean up and clear out so we can go back to the biz so making sure that people respect the fact that we have a voluntary system of paying our taxes having said that let me ask a question of mr. George in your report you indicate that and then I think I'm quoting correctly here there appeared to be some confusion by the determinations unit specialists and applicants

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