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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 843 Garnishment

Instructions and Help about Who Form 843 Garnishment

Alright hey everybody this is about whether I want to address this because recently I've gotten a few emails from clients about wage garnishments you know how do you get rid of them and before I can even address how to that's why I titled this video how to avoid them and what you need to do to get rid of them so I am going to talk about how to get rid of wage garnishments and how do you get them but I want to start off with understanding how the wage garnishment actually happened and I'm gonna dig a little deeper I'm not gonna talk surface talk you know surface conversation about wage garnishments would be oh I have a debt all we needed to be paid and I didn't pay it and they and they they took my paycheck it gets a little deeper than that so basically the reason why gets a little deeper than that because you have to understand the relationship with your credit and debt collectors and a lot of people do not understand how the debt collection process works how doing with debt collectors work because there are so many areas of credit and when people may talk about credit um you don't know what area they're talking about and I always like to break down understanding creditors is to understand how information is broken up into your credit report you have what is your current debts those are the debts that you are paying on that are due in 30 days those are current debts you pay those you pay them on time then you have what to do or pass-through debts those are debts that are past or 30-day mark a lot of times they're between 45 and 90 days and then you have what is called charged off debts and those are debts that are past 120 day mark the original creditor I'm not going to go into this conversation of what's original creditor what's a debt collector I have videos for that but basically the original creditor no longer has that day and what they have did is they have sold that debt off to what is called a debt collector in this video I'm not gonna go into how they're able to acquire it or what have you but pretty much in a nutshell the original creditor the person that you signed the contractual agreement with no longer has that debt they've sold that debt off and a debt collector has purchased the day so now the debt collector has purchased the debt and now they are trying to get money from the debt now and in in the past recent years I want to say I say in the past three years the whole debt collector conversation has really been mystified because now we have what is called debt buyers and I kind of want to do a separate video on that because debt buyers what they have what are what they are now doing and I've seen this on a lot of credit reports as they are now considering themselves as the original creditor as if they even though they have purchased a debt they're not collecting debt debt buyers are trying to say that they're not collecting the debt they have purchased the debt the debt is theirs and now they want to put themselves in position to being the owner of the day and since the owner of the debt they now want to consider themselves the original creditor now that's a whole nother conversation is a whole nother topic I won't really touch on at this point but I wanted to talk about it because I mentioned about the original creditors sold the debt and they sold it to a debt collector and so one may ask what are they just collecting on the debt for the original creditor or are they the actual owner of the credit and that's why I said that conversation has really gotten very blurred and it's a lot of case law on it or how the understanding of that conference conversation works now no a lot of you all are waiting okay when are you gonna just talk about wage garnishments you know let me explain something what a lot of people do not know I talk a lot and I share a lot of information because a lot of people do not know the understanding of stuff there is so much remix stuff on YouTube so much information of people just giving you a surface level conversation that I think that I owe if I know it I think I owe that person um enough that if i'ma talk about a topic I'm gonna go a little more deeper than someone who is just listening to what somebody said in another video remix in it and giving it their own spin so now going back to the wage garnishments so now that the Doug debt collector is now the one who possesses ownership of that day he or she or should I say the company came to the consumer you being the debtor and saying pay me now we can go all down you know the rabbit hole about how they did it and what they did and the tactics they use that a lot of the tactics could have been illegal you may be right but what happened in that process was at a certain point the debt collector saw that you know what this person isn't gonna pay me they're not gonna give me their money they're not gonna pay me so what I'm going to do is I am going to sue them this is where the wage garnishment conversation really comes up because what a lot of consumers need to know debtors the person who owns a deck is that a debt collector any company cannot just file paperwork with.

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