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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 843 Excessive

Instructions and Help about Who Form 843 Excessive

Hi friends welcome to suggested by you today's question is from mr. Jimmy New Jersey and he asks why do we burp thanks for the query maybe we all do this let's find it out so what is verb or belching it is a bunch of gas that forms in your stomach and makes its way back up through your esophagus gas is created in a stomach when enough gas has been created and it needs to escape it leaves the stomach and shoots up through esophagus of course sometimes we hear rumbles in the stomach first what causes gas there are four things swallowed air certain foods stress tension anxiety stomach infections let's check causes of belching there are many reasons for burping and one of them is eating or drinking too fast that's when you swallow an air that causes discomfort and results in burping stress tension anxiety or any triggers that cause your blood pressure to rise also causes gas that leads to burping medical conditions related to the digestive tract also causes excessive burping it may include gastro esophageal reflux disease gastroparesis gastritis peptic ulcers and lactose intolerance stomach infections from bacteria like Helicobacter pylori causes digestive disorders and diseases this leads to excessive burping that should be treated immediately burping may be caused by chewing gum smoking while fitting dentures or talking while eating some of that air finds its way into the lower digestive tract where it contributes to gas now let's check what kind of food that cause gas and in turn burp aerated drinks or carbonated drinks are gassy or even beer as a matter of fact makes us burp aerated drinks causes a buildup of gas which makes you feel like a balloon eating certain foods like peas and beans produce more gas than eating other foods high-fiber foods though healthy are difficult to digest treatment for burping we try not to burp in public to reduce herbing you need to reduce the amount of air you swallowed eat slowly and take your time avoid talking while eating cure your nasal allergies and cold as it make you swallow success air avoid carbonated and gassy drinks and finally reduce stress let us check cultural acceptance of burping some cultures notably Chinese and Indian regard burping as acceptable in certain situations in Japan burping during a mule is considered bad manners in others particularly Western cultures such as North American French German Italian and British cultures burping is also deemed socially inappropriate in Middle Eastern countries it is not acceptable to burp out loud and one should silence one's verb or at least pretend to do so if this is your first time hanging out I would love to have you guys subscribe get new videos delivered to you every week if this has helped you we would consider it as a privilege and we will be thankful if you consider sharing this video for your friends and community who knows if it would help someone else who is in need we would love to hear from you guys what you think about burping share some tips ideas advice for your everyone in community who might be in that situation comment and leave those down below.

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