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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who Form 843 Credits

Instructions and Help about Who Form 843 Credits

The diagnosis that no one ever wants to hear but it can change your life in just the blink of an eye as part of breast cancer awareness month our Stephanie Batum spoke to one survivor whose story could be a wake-up call for any young woman out there I was 35 whenever I was diagnosed with breast cancer hearing those words from her doctor turned this young single moms life upside down it was very upsetting I felt like my my world was going to end and you know the first thing I thought about is what about my children five children as young at the time as a one-year-old daughter all the way into a teenager Gail Brown says she knew she needed help and couldn't face her diagnosis on her own I cried I was terrified I didn't know which way to turn that's when penny Fanning walked into Brown's life as a nurse navigator I'd tried in breast care center she felt very alone and I went to her appointments whether I went to her initial surgical appointment and I would meet her at her doctor's office as a support just so she knew that she wasn't alone from the initial diagnosis to finishing radiation and chemotherapy treatments Fanning help Brown and navigating the uncharted waters of breast cancer with everything from physical emotional and financial needs and at the big scheme of it we're trying to save women's lives and it was a life saved now more than a year later from her diagnosis Brown is cancer-free and says it was penny support and her kid smiles that gave her the will to stay strong and overcome her breast cancer it's just amazing that I'm here today that I'm able to take care of my children I'm a survivor and I'm happy for that great story and John and Tessa Gail says that she found the lump herself as she gave herself a breast exam in the shower and doctors say that that early detection truly saved her life and so at the China Breast Care Center doctors say to get a monthly exam yourself to do it yourself once a month and for a doctor to it at least once a year but you know even in your early 30s it can happen so you always want to check it out I had a dear friend who was diagnosed actually had a radical mixed up mastectomy before her 30th birthday so it really does you know exists in touches everybody so early detection definitely the key and if you've detected early they have those treatment programs available definitely and speak.

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