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Music this report is brought to you by GV computers your one-stop provider for all cyber protection problems please view their ad at the end of this report good evening I'm still reporting on Big Brother sorry but I've been on travel for the last four days have you ever wondered how all the social media Titans can be so far left of center that supporting simple self governance by We the People is today seen as an outmoded and destructive cultural fad of the days of yore academically my knee-jerk response was control control of the population means maximum profits for them and some form of slavery for us I mean the rule of law was not built for the uber-rich it was created to protect we the little people from the tyranny of the uber rich the entire concept of representative governance is now threatened by media approved creations like an tyfa and the deep state Ministry of propaganda better known as the New York Times Washington Post CNN MSNBC axis not since the robber barons ruled the East Coast over a century ago has the rule of law been so completely disregarded as has been the case since the Clintons Bush's and Obama's came to the Beltway but understanding how they thought was no more than a theory unpacked by hard evidence until a few days ago last Thursday the mindset of these nouveau riche tech Titans was put on shocking display by Tucker Carlson in 1994 executives from the seven largest tobacco companies in America were summoned to Congress to explain themselves in their testimony the executives said that smoking cigarettes was not addictive they were lying they'd known all along about nicotine addiction yet they continued to sell cigarettes it was too lucrative to stop millions died as a result eventually a wave of lawsuits forced the tobacco companies to admit that they knew this and to shell out hundreds of billions of dollars to victims and their lawyers suppressing smoking became a national priority America understood that hurting people in order to get rich was wrong doing it a purpose is criminal all of which raises serious questions tonight about Silicon Valley about what their products are doing to this country particularly to children and how much tech executives know about the potential harm caused by what they're selling already psychiatric research has produced some ominous findings on this social media use is connected to anxiety depression and social maladjustment particularly among adolescents the more time kids spend online the unhappier they are data from the CDC show that suicide rates for teen girls in America are at a 40-year high and their way up for teen boys as well does technology play a role in those deaths and for that matter in a number of other serious pathologies that appear to be rising in America Sean Parker seems to think so Parker is not a research scientist he's even more authoritative on this subject he was Facebook's first president and he helped design that website Parker just gave a remarkable interview to a reporter from Axios in which he admits that he and other Facebook founders knew from the very beginning they were creating something harmful and addictive we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while because someone liked or commented on a photo where a post or whatever it's a social validation feedback loop it's exactly the kind of thing that that a hacker like myself would come up with because you're exploiting a vulnerability in in human psychology just I think that we you know we were the inventors creators you know and it's me it's mark it's the you know Kevin Systrom and Instagram it's all of these people understood this consciously and we did it anyway this is a bombshell imagine if the Sackler family makers of the painkiller oxycontin admitted they knew their product was likely to addictions of Americans to opiates but quote did it anyway now that's pretty much exactly what happened with oxycontin by the way but so far the SAC whores have been wise enough not to say so in public Sean Parker isn't quite so guarded in his conversation with Axios Parker repeatedly describes Facebook like an addictive drug which of course functionally it is when heinous partners designed their product Parker says they kept one question in mind quote how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible the answer they found is with the state stream of dopamine hits to your brain in the form of likes comments and new posts Parker acknowledges Facebook has become an epidemic that is devastating this country quote it literally changes your relationship with society and each other he said god only knows what it's doing to our children's brains let that sink in imagine how you would feel if you actually believed you had injured the brains of millions of children Sean Parker does not seem especially concerned by this in fact in his interview with Axios he brags about how rich it has made him quote because I'm a billionaire I'm going to have better access to health care Parker said I'm gonna be like 160 and I'm gonna be part of this class of immortal overlords you know the expression about compound interest give us billionaires an extra 100 years and you'll know what wealth disparity looks like the tobacco executives suddenly looked decent by comparison yet unlike the heads of philip morris in r.j. Reynolds and Laura Lord Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg have not been hauled before Congress to account for themselves and what they've done why is that exactly you'd hate to think it's because Silicon Valley gives for more money to politicians and the cigarette makers ever did but who knows maybe there's a connection we'll start asking members of Congress about it for.