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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 843 Excessive

Instructions and Help about Which Form 843 Excessive

Music, alright. This is John Kohler with discountjuicers.com. You caught me right in the middle of juicing. What I'm doing today is juicing a total of three pounds of carrots in the Argos le juicer. I'm not going to give you guys a review of the Argos le in this episode, but check the link below for the review and comparison. Today, the juicer is having a hard time with the wet pulp, and you can hear it slowing down. The purpose of this episode is to show you the top three easiest ways to get more juice out of the pulp. I'm just about done juicing the Argos le and we have a lot of pulp in here. Unless you're using a juicer like the Green Star Elite, the pulp you create will generally be fairly wet. The yield may vary depending on the juicer and produce item. Centrifugal ejection machines tend to keep extra juice in the pulp. This machine is efficient on carrots and leafy greens. Norwalk or hydraulic press juicers dry the pulp, but there won't be much juice left. I juiced three pounds of carrots in the Argos le, and it didn't well. Normally, one pound of carrots should yield approximately eight ounces or one cup of juice. I only got two and a quarter cups of juice, and the pulp generated is substantial. There's still plenty of juice left in the pulp. Now, I will discuss the top three easy ways to get more juice out of this pulp. I'm going to divide the pulp into three equal bowls by weight. I'll take the main pulp from the catch container and the slightly moist pulp from the strainer. I'll try my best to divide them accurately. The first method to get more juice out...