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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which Form 843 Excessive

Instructions and Help about Which Form 843 Excessive

Music alright this is john kohler with discountjuicers.com you caught me right in the middle of juicing what i'm doing today is we're juicing the total of three pounds of weight out carrots in the Argos le juicer I'm not gonna give you guys actually a review of the Argos le in this episode of hearty actually review this so check the link down below for the review and comparison of the Argos le of just juicing carrots today in mantis is having a hard time putting out lots of honey wet pulp into the juice as well as you can hear the juicers like literally almost slowing down really having a hard time with it but anyways the reason for this episode is actually because I want to show you guys the top three easiest ways to get more juice out of the pulp when you're done you know all right so I'm just about done juicing the Argos le actually we've got a lot of pulp in here and unless you're using a juicer like we sell like the green star elite juicer the fault that you create in your juicer generally is gonna be fairly wet it may have more yield in it depending on the style of juicer you using and the specific produce item you're juicing you may have up to 35% more juice left in the pulp centripetal ejection machines those high-speed machines are notorious for keeping extra juice in the pulp if you using something like this machine there's going to be very low percentages of juice left in the pulp because this machine is so efficient on things like carrots as well as leafy greens together of course you got a Norwalk or a hydraulic press down machine those types of juicers tend to get the pulp really dry or you probably won't be under press too much more out of the juice any case I'm just about done juicing the three pounds of carrots in the artist le this thing is brother loud turn this off end in my opinion this juicer did poorly juicing three pounds of carrots in general one pound of carrots should equal approximately eight ounces of juice or one cup of juice and this juicer I juiced three pounds and I basically made two and a quarter cup of juice here and if we look at the pulp that was generated you know here this is actually probably some the most amount of pulp I've ever seen a juicer create so really made a lot of pulp that it put into the juice and I'm pretty sure that the pulp here generated from the Argus le still has plenty of juice left so now when I get into my top three easy ways to get more juice out of this pulp all right so what I'm doing now is I'm we're gonna go ahead and take this pulp like one scoop at a time and carefully divvy the pulp up into three different bowls that are of exactly the same weight and we're going to take the main pulp out of this pulp catch container as well as a pulp that's a little more moist off the strainer here so I'm gonna try to give you this up as the best I can like the exact same amounts and we're gonna come back at you when I'm about done so now I'm gonna shoot you guys the first easiest way to get more juice out of your pulp it's simply to wring it out so what I got today is two things you're gonna need a nice large bowl here and then you're going to need these guys and what these guys are these guys are ten inch nonwoven filter cones and this is EF C ten by Royal paper I'll put a link down below or you could get those and if you do purchase them through the link please be aware that proceeds from your purchase the affiliate Commission will go to a non-profit animal shelter that rescues dogs and cats that have deformities and health challenges so I appreciate you guys supporting the Lynx anyway is these 10 inch nonwoven filter cones you could buy them online or you could go down to your local restaurants store I found actually online where I bought them and where I recommend down below is little bit cheaper than my restaurant store but anyways we're gonna go ahead and open this guy up and show you guys what these guys are I have tried to use like coffee filters before don't recommend that they just tear open really easy and bust open so these are just basically filter cones they're used normally to filter the grease if you buy french fries hopefully don't eat french fries or some of the worst foods or any kind of fried foods but when restaurants fried their food that gets particles in the fry grease they run it through this and then they could reuse their Fragger ease which is kind of gross the other thing you guys can do is you just take this whole filter cone and before you start juicing out you just line it inside your juicing pulp catch cup to catch all the pulp so it's already in there so you would have to do a retransfer right so I'm just kind of putting this filter cone over my cup here and then we're just going to go ahead and take all the pulp one of the evenly divided pulse out and we're just going to go ahead and dump all the pulp in here so we pretty much got all the pulp in there then all we do is we then take this and we just dunk it down get it all the way down to the bottom you guys could probably see that a little bit through the filter cone there and.

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