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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 843 Processing

Instructions and Help about Where Form 843 Processing

Hey guys what's up in this new tutorial of two toyed I will show you how you can upload files to the server using PHP and Ajax well-aged X stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML which is capable of updating the page contents without reloading it that means you can send or receive the data from the server in the background which means more real time plus the bandwidth Saviour this is my youtube channel and make sure you subscribe it this is my index or PHP page and upload dot PHP scripts which looks quite similar to the multiple upload files and if you want that link if you want that tutorial a link is given in the description you can just check it and the same form the same form and I have just given an ID that is form as well as an ID sub but to be some web button and I've already done the stylings now we can move to the script part so for this you will require gqo a script as well as you take away from plug-in that is jquery form which you can download from the link given in the description i have already downloaded them and i've included them in my index dot PHP page so now first thing attaching even hinder that is submit to prevent the default handling now goes the HX pra is upload dot PHP and here goes the upload progress here it is a function which have event position total n percent from Crete so now we include the sub but and ID percentage plus person complete and on the success you will display a message that the upload is completed the same goes over here here we display a message that is it is uploaded also if you want you can set set timeout there goes the function and say one second and you will display the message that to upload it upload so now we are ready with our script now we can check it just go back to the localhost work and just refresh it choose some files select a to 10 files whatever you like click on open I have selected 9 files and click on upload it showed the upload progress and if and when it is uploaded it shows a message that the file is uploaded and then it changed back to the upload if you want we can just go back to the my directory and here are the all the pictures also if you go on to display some message or do something before the files are uploaded you can just go back over here and before send and give it a function over here and we can just do it aloud files are uploading file files are about to upload or something anything whatever you like so just hit refresh choose some files total it shows the message that the files are uploaded see again I have all the files well that was all for today if we liked my video just give it a like or if you have any suggestions or anything just drop it in the comments and do not forget to subscribe my channel you can have a sample project given in the description too finally thanks for watching you.

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