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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 843 Overpayment

Instructions and Help about Where Form 843 Overpayment

Thanks for joining us this afternoon for a introduction of sanibel 263 house before 02 you know I I was shocked as I think all the hybrids were December when we found out that policy from the state of Ohio over many years many administration's was it on the OA heuer business and you took me over major taxes for whatever reason that we held your money it's just a life that you really after four years making the state's money about people's money and certainly doesn't have a public policy we working on this administration we as a legislature we truly believe trying to create a business client state live without jobs grow see businesses to prosper and this is counter to that so we are collectively very excited about the air using these bills that puts in place and for all time that taxpayers dollars or their dollars and return those be the TSP offend my great pleasure to introduce a Fisher do testa who was probably the most shot in Ojai and I didn't then find out if that was the procedure of the department I was when I credit him Governor John Kasich were a very good turnaround resolved the problem they were neatly committed to making sure that this would not a procedure would not continue their itching caused carbon taxation so that we should attempt thanks center very grateful to the sponsors here today for advance for this goal of the governor Governor Kasich wholehearted support and one that that probably as high priority as any that I have had as a commissioner the goal is pretty office pretty simple to treat business tax payers in Ohio in a way there's any of us with the expected to be tree if any of us have overpay in the bill you would expect the only get that money back or have a perhaps credit to the next bill it's just simple as very fair for way too long for decades the department's taxation just kept silent and the over payments that were made about business tax payers will retain as the senator just mentioned when we found this out I wasn't very angry this was an outrageous practice seven going on text Bartman for a long period of time the law currently does not require the tax department to notify this is taxpayer when they overpaid their taxes nor how much there's overtake or to notify them at all the burden that rests on the business to figure it out for themselves and to find the right form and get filled out right time period or else again 4-year statute of limitation plus taxes they're just they're just out of life so Allah doesn't require it currently but that's no excuse it's simply a matter of right and wrong so right thing to do to get their money back in their hands as quickly as possible it's the taxpayers money it is not government's money we have already changed the policies and procedures in a tax department that are in favor of the taxpayer but these bills were going to talk about here today when they become low we'll make sure that the department of taxation policies that have been put in place by this administration must continue in the future as some of you will remember like 2022 we started return over payments that were made in the commercial activity tax system and so far we returned about 11 million dollars of those dollars the million of those dollars back to the rightful owners more recently now identified about another 35 million or so and the only six other tax types and are moving forward with that get on our new policies and procedures over but important never got this particular these bills hopefully that will become long is that will give the tax department additional tools to enable us to complete these processes credit the rest of the accounts and put them back in this proper place additionally label eyes to be able to set procedures in place that will be able to prevent these things from these balances from occurring confusion so it's a much more comprehensive approach not just notify the taxpayer but to reconcile the accounts to return the monies to them and to set procedures in place so that in the future these won't fill back up again but also to to codify the processes are being put in place so that a future administration of future tax commissioner can reverse.

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