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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where Form 843 Careers

Instructions and Help about Where Form 843 Careers

Hi guys welcome to the Global Education Forum in this video I explained that how to get United Nations opportunities in your country not required Isles to fail or any languages proficiencies are difficult daily basis everyone can apply from all around the world if you have completed or continuing any academic study or professional work for example diploma intermediate bachelor master or any job experience etc as per side United Nations policy know any gender or risk discrimination you can apply any time for the suitable opportunity let me introduce the united nation is an international organization founded in 1945 it is currently made up of 193 member countries mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding charters the United Nations work is divided into five geographical regions such as Africa Americas Asia and the Pacific Europe and the Central Asia and the Middle East such as 193 countries contained these five geographical regions given facts to help its member countries of the world cooperate in terms of ranging from law and security to social stability and human rights the United Nation is contained all these mentioned organizations such as UNICEF UNHCR WH o UN aids UNDP etc June does not charge any fees at any stage you can apply for all opportunities in your country let's start apply easily for daily basis based opportunities in the United Nation this is complete video or you can type here this is the website of United Nation Pakistan here you can create your account now type here your first name like this and your last name select your gender mention here your date of birth select your country city address your email ID if you have mobile number you can tap here otherwise you can't hear your phone number here you can see you see an IC number drive here like this you see an IC number academic information degree level here you can select whatever you have done my tribulations intermediate bachelor master something he has mentioned diploma and short courses degree type you can select from here whatever you have degree title like this higher secondary certificate loss you can choose your major subjects like this mathematics physics and now chemistry if you're not finding your institution or college address or name then you can select other and type here your institution name or college name and select the country like this and here professional information do you have work experience if you have then check this and otherwise you can select this area of interest like this I have selected functional area whatever you want you can choose from this list carrier level if you are intern or new student you can choose intern a student entry-level professional and department head like this you can choose I am NOT robot and now submit this account confirmation thank you for creating an account please check your mail go to the mail here you can find this is the password given by United Nation come to the bed paste here read carefully new password at least six character one capital letter and one number and one symbol like this confirm now please add your objectives move down note only p11 form series will be accepted carrier your PLM inform it is very easy place of birth or whatever you have nationality present nationality domicile you can select from this your height weight marital status whatever you are married or single permanent address right here your phone number president address if it is different from permanent address you can type here your president address phone number is regular you are using here now next analyst step write about your education background whatever you have done if previously you mentioned that I have done intermediate you can also write here like this I have mentioned go to the bottom if you have diploma you can write here like this if you have received training certificates from any institution you can mention here in the training section go to the bottom your skills list your knowledge and similarity of various office software like I have mentioned about the internet and computer laptop whatever I have expertise MS Office go to the bottom check this and existed experience and it skills employment record starting from the present post if you have any experience then you can select yes if you don't have then you can select no I have selected yes for example these are my professional experience I have been field study very data collector and they project reporting team leader and this FG children from Sanger city research scholar from New Delhi India paper presented at OPA Jindal blah blah university research project it's how the Gini nasty language list mother tongue first these are my language expertise clerical it skills for clinical employment only you cannot choose this if you are quicker employment then you can choose otherwise list any office machines or requirement you can use bellow like laptop computer scanner Android Mobile's for fourth list your membership of professional societies and activities in civic public or international affair whatever you have membership previous or present you can type here Awards like this and whatever I have written here attended intern exams whatever you can write whatever you have list any significant publication you have written do not attach them if you have written any research paper research article you can type here because I have done master terms of the University so I have lots of published article and book reviews newspaper response is noggin of the film reviews international papers proposals I am mentioned these now move are you now or have you ever been a permanent civil servant in your government employed check no if yes then you can check yes references please list three references you can include present or past supervisors peers mentor or.

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