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Instructions and Help about When Form 843 Topics

Hey guys, I am really thankful to Oda for giving one of the top four spots in the One Piece world to a woman, Big Mom. She is a very strong female character. However, on our side, we lack physically strong girls in the series. When guys show up to a scene, everything is fine, but when girls show up, I feel like someone needs to come and help them. My name is Gemma, and I believe that the One Piece series needs a badass female character. There are some flaws in the series, the biggest one being sexism. Characters like Nami and Robin could be portrayed as strong, but Oda tends to write them towards the background. Missed potential can be seen in characters like Rebecca and Baby V. The strongest female ally we have is probably Boa Hancock, but I would prefer a strong female character in our crew. Unfortunately, I don't think we have that right now. Nowadays, most people believe in equality and get upset if men and women are treated differently. However, there are still some forms of sexism that exist, even if unintentional. If Oda turns Karina into a man, it would destroy her character and send a negative message to the audience. Karina's struggle as a female swordsman is an important aspect of her character. If she becomes a man, the struggle would be eliminated. This would also undermine the strength of other female characters in the series. Instead, I would love to see Karina alive and gaining power, without changing her gender. This theory of her coming back as a man would be disappointing and send a bad message. I urge the creators of One Piece and anyone with a platform to consider the message they are sending. We have an opportunity...