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Hey guys so I am really thankful to Oda for giving one of the top four spots in the one-piece world to a woman big mom and I mean she's very much a female role she's big mom but when it comes to girls on our side of the spectrum I think Otis created some well written characters but as far as girls who are really like strong physically strong we have guys in the series that will show up and when they show up to a scene you know everything is fine when girls on our side show up to the scene I think okay someone needs to come in and help pretty soon cuz I don't know if they got this or not hi I'm fat so so but you can call me Gemma and I really think that one of these needs a badass female character I think that the one piece series has some flaws which they can work on and I think the biggest one of those flaws is sexism I think that Nami could be very strong but Oda constantly writes her like he writes news up and has her running away Robin I think has a very strong personality but Oda tends to write her towards the background and you only have to look at Rebecca and baby v to realize that there was some missed potential with those characters as for like the strongest ally that we have it's probably Bowa Hancock she's just she's pretty awesome she's probably the best that we got but I'd really prefer someone on our crew and right now I just don't think that we have that well today most people believe in equality and will get upset if you try to treat a man and a woman differently in reality this silhouette gap and there's still some forms of sexism that exist even if they're not deliberate okay so suppose the queena does survive in the series makes it to even cough and he turns her into a man this would completely destroy Karina's character and who oda has written her to be queen as a character that revolves around the struggles of being a female swordsman a very skilled swordsman but in a world of swords men she knows that she's never going to hit the same physical strength that all the other men will hit and that's a great struggle for her to overcome if you turn her into a man then she doesn't overcome the struggle she just gets rid of it and that trashes the character entirely as well as every other female in your series because you're essentially sending the message of well ladies I'm sorry you're never going to be as physically strong as and be any of the other men in this fighting series so the only real fix is become a man sorry so I would love it if Queen was alive and had somehow been secretly amassing power and would be able to compete reserve or be super awesome but if it's in the way this theory suggests where she comes back as a man oh it'd actually be really disappointed queena coming back as a man Judith uncle's powers to chase her dream would send a really bad message to the one-piece audience so to the creators of one piece and also to the fans of the youtubers anyone who has a platform just really think about what message you're sending and you have an opportunity to do some good and cause positive change now I didn't want to go on about sexism or anything for too long so I actually made a really long post which you can read on Facebook or tumblr and that's caused a bit of discussion so I'll put the link for that below and I just really like to thank micro-p here is for citing this conversation and even though this theory has evidence to support I really hope winner does not come back as a man if she is alive and thank you guys for watching thank you guys for having me bye.

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