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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 843 Litigation

Instructions and Help about When Form 843 Litigation

Getting claims at the most popular weedkiller on the planet causes a rare form of cancer you can find it in garages and garden sheds across Georgia talent is consumer investigator Jim Strickland started investigating when he found the weed killer in his own garage my research for this story began by reading the label on the roundup that I had right in my own garage the active ingredient is a chemical called glyphosate I used it on these weeds a couple of days ago and you can tell that it sucks the life right out of a weed but the question is what does it do to people that's the debate on the farm roundup makes its biggest impact according to a recent study giant sprayers like this have applied 370 thousand tons of the active ingredient glyphosate in the United States most of it in the past 10 years it coats the Midwest and a swath of Georgia's farm bill Nick McMicken is using it on a North Georgia cotton field I handle it myself I spray it in this sprayer on a regular basis farmer bill Hammack used it on his 2022 acres in South Georgia he would come home and it would be all over his clothes his widow Lisa is suing roundup maker Monsanto blaming the chemical for the non-hodgkins lymphoma that killed hammock in 2022 there was clots all up in his nose and everything and he sucked one of those clots down into his lungs and he choked to death and I had to watch him choke to death it's not just farmers I've been using it since a very early eighties John Jenica still has the last bottle he used around his yard in Cobb County he's awaiting his first chemo treatment after being diagnosed last year with mental cell lymphoma he's suing two people have died from it people will continue to die from I'll die from it in 2022 the International Agency for research on cancer part of the World Health Organization determined glyphosate was probably carcinogenic to humans the European Union will decide later this year whether to outlaw its use it's safe these things come to humans into the environment uga weed expert William Wenzel says that Brandon glyphosate as cancer-causing is misleading he says exposure levels even on the farm are relatively low if there was a serious you know systemic toxicological issue it would have exploded by now what has exploded is evidence unsealed in court documents but Monsanto has ghostwritten scientific studies that proclaim roundup is safe by email one top level executive writes about us doing the writing that is how we handled Williams crows and Monroe mm this is the research paper he's talking about it concludes Roundup herbicide does not pose a health risk to humans a 30 year EPA toxicologists also wrote in 2022 it is essentially certain glyphosate causes cancer two months ago the EPA concluded it did not.

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