Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 843 Copyright

Instructions and Help about When Form 843 Copyright

I have Nathan Bay me writer and film director with expert village and this series is all about copyrights in this clip I'm going to show you how to fill out the form labeled SR which is the form you'd use to submit any sound related recordings or music alright starting at the top right hand corner simply ignore that section that's not for you to fill out don't write anything above the first grey line starting in section one title of the work simply fill out the name of the material you're submitting and if for some reason it had a different name or was at any time published or distributed under a different name write that name directly below moving on to section 2 name of the author section a fill out the name of the original author moving on over to dates of birth and death fill out year born and if for some reason you are not the original author fill out the year that the original author passed if they have right below it was this contribution to the work a work made for hire check yes if the original author was hired to produce the material being submitted if not check no moving on over to authors nationality simply fill out the nationality of the original author in this case citizen of the United States moving over to the far right was the author's contribution to this work anonymous or synonymous check yes to either if it's appropriate particularly if the author went by a stage name or a pen name you'll definitely want to check the yes button under synonymous directly below in Section B and C this is where you'd fill out the names and information of any additional authors to the original material assuming that it was produced or authored by more than one person moving on down to section three year in which creation of this work was completed simply fill out the year that it was finished right next to that in Section B date and nation of first publication of this particular work fill out the month the day and the year that it was completed and in what nation moving on to section for copyright claimants name and address must be given even if the claim is the same as the original author this is where you'd fill out the original author's name and address but if for some reason you are not the original author this is where you'd fill out your name and address particularly if the original material is being transferred to you and there's a space right below where you can list that information moving on to the second page sections five six and seven are provided if this is the second time that you have registered this particular work and you've updated it or changed it in some drastic way if you have done this then that means that you're familiar with the registration process and you don't really need my help fill out these sections if appropriate otherwise move on down to section 8 certification and this is basically the point where you dot the T's and cross the i's saying that I the undersigned hereby certify that I am check whichever is appropriate the author or anything else you might be and your name goes in the space provided directly below that type or printed name and dates this is where you type your name or neatly write your name and write the date and then directly below that is where your signature goes Bravo.