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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 843 Consultation

Instructions and Help about When Form 843 Consultation

What's up everybody is Steven Williams founder president of the credit repair shop calm in today's video we're gonna talk some more about some debts been released into the market I'm going to talk about collections we're going to talk about the 1099-c I want to explain that because there's a lot of people that are going to be having that place on their taxes and they're gonna be wondering why do they have a tax bill and it's because some of the collectors or original creditors are gonna choose to put those accounts on a 1099-c form and I'm gonna explain exactly what those about but first what we get started I want to tell you if you're not up in the area I'm up and up Milwaukee Wisconsin area if you have if you're not in this area we just went through hell with the weather I mean I was like okay it's gonna be cold yeah you know they even said it was gonna be 52 degrees - with the wind and I was thinking to myself well you know I bundle up go out there but I'm gonna tell you this is the truth when I went outside and I had on you know I bundled up I'm not crazy i bundle myself up put a hat on over my head but let me tell you when they said it'll take like five minutes for frostbite well it might take five minutes for frostbite but it'll take only like 20 to 30 seconds before you feel it I could not go outside without gloves I couldn't go outside without a jacket and I couldn't even any part of my face I'm glad that our face you know right here can our face can take a lot more than what our hands and other body parts can that can take maybe it's because the clothes works exposed with clothing and it when when hits us that's gonna react different because it's usually protective but I'm telling you even with my hands like I'm talking 20 seconds I felt it and and we also had over a closer two feet of snow and my snowblower was acting up but we did get that going my son-in-law got it going we both worked on it and got it going before the big snow so we were able to get the snow out of there and then that next day they were saying if you don't get the snow out of there the snow that's there is gonna be like concrete and they were not lying there was a big piece I should have videoed it that came off of my car and I just left it in the driveway because thinking you know might melt or whatever bad thing turned into a solid rock like big you know that how it if you look under your car where all the slush keeps piling up well what was happening because it was so cold out the slush would pop up but it was freezing automatically so it was just building and building and building and so what we do up here is we kick it off and I had one big piece that came off and it was like a solid rock I'm talking about I pushed it last night and it was just like pushing a brick pushing a piece of rock it didn't break didn't chip nothing and so the weather was just horrendous if you would customer service the way that I had to run my company I came up on those days but I excused my employees a couple of them did come in but we mainly excused everybody we for the credit company we were doing customer service answering the calls only from remote areas transferring phones to him and but we couldn't really do any documents and all of that stuff so it was very tough so if you're a customer and we you had a little trouble getting in touch with us that was real reason you don't have to take my word for it you can look in the news and see that we were struggling up here I mean everything was literally literally closed so now let's get into the stuff that you really care about which is collections we're talking millions of dollars in collections just to go off at the top we got lifestyle lift over 2.7 million we got some auto loans 14 million got some credit cards 84 million more credit cards a 4 million we got two payday loans two million retail debt over seven million dollars in retail that's when you go get those credit cards they tell you hey you get the discount if you get the card you're gonna get 25 percent discount at the department store but people do it by the stuff and a lot of the people in the falton own those that get them because what's happening is usually what happens is people go and get more and more and more cards we got some more payday loans 7 million we got some online college this is a low one an online college 115,000 we have one for 39 million dollars I'm not sure what company this is with but it's 39 million dollars that was not paid to them it's not stating what type we have some hardware store credit cards close to half a million dollars I guess that's considered small some smaller payday loan companies 30,000 another one 200,000 so I mean we're looking at millions of dollars worth of debt that's going to be pushed out into the market in these collection agencies are gonna go you know balls to the walls on getting all of this money out from people cuz they know that they're gonna have money coming with taxes but also something that's gonna happen is that people are going to.

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