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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing When Form 843 Amended

Instructions and Help about When Form 843 Amended

Hey hey what's up what's up lissandra here so while you're getting on I'm gonna be sharing this out and if you're watching this on the replay make sure you hashtag replay so that I know that you were here I do appreciate my replay squad you guys are awesome and you know you can skip ahead probably about a minute and a half to get to the content but when you pop on let me know who you are and where you're from and while you're getting on and Facebook is doing its thing I'm gonna be sharing this out to a few of my favorite places I also need to know that my technology is working cause y'all know okay so we make sure we have sound and we have sound that is a score all right so let me share this out to a few of my favorite spots and then we're going to get down with the get-down and hello hello come on in come on in alright alright alright alright let me hit one more spot and then we're gonna get going alright okay alright so here we go so first of all I want to welcome you to the show my name is lissandra Everett I am the home biz tax lady why help home business owners win the tax game when you tune in to my show you're going to hear about tax topics I am here Monday through Friday 9 o'clock ish ok and if you have not connected with me and my group tax Players Club you can head on over there and if you have not like my fanpage find me home biz tax lady so and like my page and if you've gotten some great value leave a review I would certainly appreciate it ok so today I'm answering a question about dependents ok specifically how to amend taxes to claim a dependent when somebody else has already claimed the dependent ok believe it or not these kinds of things happen all the time ok so I highly encourage people to get these things straightened out before the tax filing goes on because straighten it out after the tax filing can get Kannamma see ok so so here's what happens so you have a child and you know mom and dad are not together one is supposed to be able to claim the child the other one rushes off to file taxes and claims a child it gets ugly ok then somebody's tax return gets rejected and then the fight begins so now the question is how do I go back to amend the tax as well you do just that you go back you amend the taxes you're going to have to file them by paper and what's gonna happen is you're gonna get a letter from the IRS saying hey your return was rejected because this dependent has already been claimed under on another return and so then that's where the work begins because have to be able to prove that you have custody of the child you're supposed to claim the child and that the child actually lived with you and not with the other person because what's going to happen is then you're going to get the refund or whatever that you are entitled to that persons that I have to pay some money back okay but because there's paper involved it's gonna be a drawn-out process okay so I'm just telling you to get ready filing paper is gonna take it generally takes six to eight weeks for that return to be processed period then they're gonna have to send you a letter back the IRS does not call you they don't email you no pigeons no none of that they send you a snail mail using the United States Postal Service okay so you're gonna get a letter that's gonna say hey this return has already been filed with this social security number and your return has been rejected and it's going to give you instructions follow the instructions okay and again you're gonna have to prove that you're supposed to claim the child all of those things and you know and so you know so a nuts-and-bolts is this is not going to be you know something where you just file this return and it's done no this is going to be a paper fight and it can you know it's going to take some time okay and then once you get through this process though the the damage to the other person is that you know if you're disallowed it you know any child tax credits or earned income credits you know because of this then they're going to have a difficult time claiming those credits in the future and that person in and it actually asks you onto the tax return did you have you know such and such disel disallowed I've you know I don't know the exact wording but this aloud is in there and you have to answer yes because if you answer no then the IRS is going to come for you still okay so this is not like I said this is not something that's going to be handled within the first you know 30 days or something like that now there is going to take some months to get straightened out and you're gonna have it you know have to be willing to go through that process in order for you to get what you're entitled to okay you cannot electronically file that return because it's going to get kicked back anyway so you're gonna have to go through the paper filing millet it in make sure you make copies of everything okay before you mail it in and and then you know that's where the process begins it's going to be a waiting process like I said six to eight weeks for.

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