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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Wage

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Wage

Doc how you doing this morning there big boy hey welcome to November it better be good I know that we finished the month and every headline I saw plus what you posted this morning said at least we had a good end to a bad month for investors so just how good was the end and how bad was the month in general well the Dow closed up yesterday 241 points close to 25 thousand 115 hmm we dropped we dropped 200 points in the last 45 minutes what if that hadn't happened we'd have had a very good day but as a month it was it will not go in the record books as a good month for investors mm-hmm tech stocks had the worst month since 2022 mmm the Nasdaq was down about 9.2 percent for the month total stock market losses for the month of October were about two trillion dollars Wow that so when people get their statements mm-hmm they may not be too enthused with them and I'm I'm maybe that's why we had a bit of a rally the last few days might have been a little window dressing going on mmm portfolio managers doing some buying trying to reposition so portfolios don't look too bad when when statements go out at the end of the month in it and there was no salvation in being in a bond market either because bonds had the worst month since 2022 also so it was it was not a good month anyway anyway you want to cut it well let me ask you something because you said a lot of those losses quite a few we're in the tech industry and we know that some of those drops people like Zuckerberg and people like that I mean lost a lot of money is a lot of the is that dollar figure is that like maybe mostly because of them or was it across the board well obviously the the larger position you had in one of those tech stocks got it the more money you lost but I think I saw Zuckerberg lost seven yeah I think it was 17 billion a lot of money didn't affect his lifestyle he's not going to miss his mortgage payment now Laughter and to them it's mostly paper anyway mm-hmm you know they're not they're not gonna sell they're gonna write it up and down and and so it's not it's not a major impact on their lifestyle as a matter of fact I would say that most people we're invested in the stock market as long as if they're still working and and have a job and have a an income coming in every week the fact that their portfolio goes up or down doesn't have a major impact on their lifestyle mm-hmm can have a major impact on their emotions but it's it's probably not going to have a major impact on their lifestyle we did get some other things that were I thought important yesterday mortgage applications came out they were down about two and a half percent the ADP employment report came out another two hundred and twenty seven thousand jobs created going to be interesting to see what that does to the jobless number two down you know and investor confidence was down from last month but still pretty strong and I had lunch with some local business people yesterday and the optimism is still out there and and very prominent they have a lot of faith in this administration and that the economy is going to continue to do well I don't know if that's going to be enough to carry the market or not but but at least that's the way they're they're feeling about it okay well we'll keep an eye on that story part of that part of that optimism is probably coming from the fact that we got a report from the US Department of Labor yesterday that wages and salaries rose last year at the fastest rate in over a decade so you know finally we've talked about it for a long time we're now starting to see the increases in wages and salaries that we said would come with lower unemployment and so it looks like it's it's it coming alright also you and I talked about GES Ewing about them cutting their dividend yeah to a penny yeah we've got a little more insight on that yesterday GES credit rating is in the process of being downgraded and so they are not going to be listed as prime credit and so they're to borrow money is going to cost them more Oh higher interest rate and so they probably cut the dividend trying to conserve cash so they don't have to borrow as much money mm-hmm for operations so now people will still people will still buy that stock though won't they because they'll see something there that you know that they like well there will be some some people will yeah and and I I think yeah I I don't know that much about the company because I don't I don't deal a lot with individual companies right I'm more of a sector type of person I'm trying to look for what sector I think's going to do well but I'm not I'm not one that would say I would buy or not buy that stock because there's a tipping point and sometimes these companies turn round and come back and and they do very well we've seen it locally with some of the companies that have that have had problems others go the other way and they end up like Sears or somebody else you know that goes down the tubes and so it is it is a risk when you see something like this happen if you're going to make a substantial commitment to it and so it's something that each.

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