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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Wage

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Wage

Divide this text into sentences and correct mistakes: - "Doc, how are you doing this morning there, big boy? Hey, welcome to November. It better be good. I know that we finished the month, and every headline I saw, plus what you posted this morning said, at least we had a good end to a bad month for investors. So just how good was the end, and how bad was the month in general?" - "Well, the Dow closed up yesterday, 241 points, close to 25,000. We dropped 200 points in the last 45 minutes. What if that hadn't happened? We'd have had a very good day. But as a month, it will not go in the record books as a good month for investors. Tech stocks had the worst month since 2008. The Nasdaq was down about 9.2 percent for the month. Total stock market losses for the month of October were about two trillion dollars. So when people get their statements, they may not be too enthused with them. And maybe that's why we had a bit of a rally the last few days. It might have been a little window dressing going on. Portfolio managers doing some buying, trying to reposition so portfolios don't look too bad when statements go out at the end of the month. And there was no salvation in being in a bond market either because bonds had the worst month since 2008 also. So it was not a good month anyway you want to cut it." - "Let me ask you something because you said a lot of those losses, quite a few, were in the tech industry. And we know that some of those drops, people like Zuckerberg and people like that, I mean they lost a lot of money. Is that dollar figure...