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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Spouse

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Spouse

Hello I'm Frank Hartman with the Hartman law firm and I'm a practicing attorney in Charleston South Carolina specializing in auto accidents and personal injury and today we're going to answer the question how can you get a divorce without a lawyer in the state of South Carolina this process is called getting a divorce quote-unquote pro se which is a latin term that essentially means moving forward on your own as in you do not have legal representation and the first thing that I would encourage you to do is to go to s-see Bar org that's South Carolina blorg and that's a website for the South Carolina Bar Association which is the Association that governs lawyers in the state of South Carolina if you look in the lower left-hand corner of the website you'll see that there's a packet that is specifically for people who want to move forward and get a divorce pro se the basis that you'll be moving forward under South Carolina law is living separate and apart for one calendar year what I mean by that is that both the husband and the wife are gonna have to live separate and apart somebody's gonna have to get an apartment and they're gonna have to move out of the marital home and they're gonna have to establish that they're no longer residing with one another and they're gonna have to be able to prove that with an independent witness in court that they have lived separate and apart for more than one year the reason being is South Carolina as a state wants to encourage people to remain married and they want to give them a cooling-off period and some time to think about whether they actually want to move forward and get a divorce or not so that's why you actually have to wait a year an important thing to note when people call me a lot of times they're looking to get a divorce but they don't have the necessary means it's financially to be able to afford it so that's why I'm giving this information out they can move forward under this basis and essentially pay the court costs and you know paperwork administrative overhead and spare themselves the cost of actually getting a lawyer if they use this particular means to do so the downside is it really boils down to where you'd have a husband and the wife who don't have any children and essentially don't have very much in the way of marital property because those are the things that tend to complicate divorces it's really just where you've got two people who want the state to dissolve their civil union and they really don't have a lot between them except you know the romantic interlude that it has ended unfortunately and they're just looking for a resolution to that the last point that we need to consider is something that people run into a good bit factually when they're calling me about divorces and that's if you're in a situation where you're living separate apart from your husband and/or wife and you reconcile and by reconcile I mean that the husband and/or wife comes over and they spend the night or you guys decide to try to get back together and you spend two weeks together living at home and then you realize wait a minute this isn't working out when you reconcile it restarts the clock and that means that you have to again demonstrate that you guys are living separate and apart for one calendar year so it's important if you do decide to make the state this step and move forward on your own that you you kind of go with your gut and you stick to your guns and you live separate and apart you fulfill the obligations required by the state and you move forward with the paperwork I'm Frank Hartman and today we discussed how someone can get a divorce in the state of South Carolina without a lawyer if you're watching this video when you have questions pick up the phone and call me or three 370 600 feel free to look me up at the Hartman law firm calm and thanks for watching.

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