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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Overlapping

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Overlapping

Welcome back to as a lawyer i'm your host brenda teal answering your questions about nursing home abuse today is Curtis kleinsmith with the client Smith firm just called the number that you see in your screen 8888 16 2521 or email your question to Curtis at kleinsmith firm calm remember even after we are off the air the phone lines are still open again the number is 8 8 8 8 16 2521 if you're not able to get through right away please keep trying we do have Patricia from Kaufman with a question go ahead Patricia yes I'd like to know Oh what to do when your mom has been dehydrated on a couple of occasions and in the evenings when I go to her evening meals I don't want her to have liquids because she may wet herself before she goes to bed they say that that is not the complete reason that they don't give her liquids but that's the only reason that gives me thank you for your call Patricia that's a very clear case of abuse we would have to get the records to see exactly what the underlying causes are but if they're if they're withholding food I mean if they're not hydrating a person properly that's a classic case of abuse and if if you'll call our firm will certainly look at that alright we have an email question now this one from Jon & waxahachie says I've seen stories about abuse of patience and care centers don't these people scream their employees beforehand and in fact when you said that sometimes there's a criminal background to these folks who are working in these nursing homes my jaw dropped well a federal law says that they should screen and that they have a duty to screen unfortunately what we see in taxes especially is those screenings did not take place and when they do not and a someone that shouldn't be working there is taking care of our loved ones and that's that's abuse what's the statute of limitations it's basically there are two or three factors that we look on that but basically two years like I said there are things that go into that but you're basically looking from two years from the date of the incident they did the incident so you take your loved one out of the nursing home because you suspected abuse and you've got two years from that point to file a lawsuit that's correct okay all right very good but thank you so much for your time today Kurtis and answering these cause I know that there are a lot of people who have been dealing with this issue unfortunately and like we said it's not going to decline well thank you for having me today and again call our law firm if you suspect anything I can't promise you that we will take her case but we'll certainly look at it and it's been a pleasure being here good for the people who are still not sure about what to look for it but they do have some mild concern about their loved one who's being cared for in a nursing home give them some some things to look for first of all listen to your loved one if they have a complaint it's probably valid number to look for bed sores if you have any sort of bed sore that's it that's a condition if they've had Falls if they've been following even if they haven't broken bones if they've been falling that's a condition sexual abuse of course dehydration malnutrition anything that you think is out of the ordinary we will certainly look at because there's a probability unfortunately that there's a nurse home abuse in anywhere in the state of Texas you can follow suit on wait that's correct we cover the entire state of taxes we actually have you know states that border us we work in as well alright very good thank you again for you thank you brother for helping us out many again concerned about their loved ones thank you getting the proper care all right then phone lines are still open 8 8 8 8 16 2521 please call if you aren't able to get through right away please keep calling someone will pick up that phone 8 8 8 8 16 2521 or email you a question to Curtis a client Smith firm calm we thank you so much for joining us this afternoon have a great day this program is sponsored by the kleinsmith firm and features legal questions from viewers nothing in the program establishes attorney-client privileges you.

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