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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Overlapping

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Overlapping

Welcome back! As a lawyer, I'm your host Brenda Teal, answering your questions about nursing home abuse. Today, we have Curtis Kleinsmith from the Client Smith Firm. Just call the number you see on your screen, 888-162-2521, or email your question to Curtis at kleinsmithfirm.com. Remember, even after we're off the air, the phone lines are still open. If you're not able to get through right away, please keep trying. We have Patricia from Kaufman on the line with a question. Go ahead, Patricia. Yes, I'd like to know what to do when your mom has been dehydrated on a couple of occasions. In the evenings when I go to her evening meals, I don't want her to have liquids because she may wet herself before she goes to bed. They say that's not the complete reason they don't give her liquids, but that's the only reason they give me. Thank you for your call, Patricia. That's a very clear case of abuse. We would have to get the records to see exactly what the underlying causes are, but if they're withholding food, I mean if they're not hydrating a person properly, that's a classic case of abuse. And if you'll call our firm, we'll certainly look into that. Alright, we have an email question now. This one is from Jon in Waxahachie. He says, "I've seen stories about abuse of patients in care centers. Don't these places screen their employees beforehand? In fact, when you said that sometimes there's a criminal background to these folks who are working in these nursing homes, my jaw dropped." Well, a federal law says that they should screen and that they have a duty to screen. Unfortunately, what we see in Texas, especially, is that those screenings did not take place. And when they...