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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Navigation

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Navigation

Welcome to the first of my microsoft access forms master classes in this first master class I'm going to show you how to build a set of custom navigation buttons like these that you can add on to any access form the reason that I'm building these is because although a form comes with its own set of built-in navigation buttons I find that particularly on modern high resolution computer screens they're very small a little bit difficult to see a little bit difficult to use and I find that some users don't even know what they're for so a set of clearly labeled buttons a very useful tool to add on to any form I'm working here in Access 2022 but what we're going to do applies equally to version 2022 or 2022 so I'm just going to switch into another copy of the database that doesn't have those buttons yet and we'll get started okay here I am with a form that doesn't yet have a set of buttons and the first thing I need to do is put the form into design view so I'm going to the Home tab and choosing design view and I need to decide where on the form I'm going to put my buttons now they will work wherever I put them but I like to put command buttons like this onto the footer of the form the reason being that the footer is always on view in the lower edge of the forms window so even if the form is too big to be accommodated by the window the user doesn't have to scroll down to find the buttons a footer isn't shown by default so you have to ask for it so all you need to do is to right-click somewhere on the detail area ground of the form and choose form header/footer and you'll see that you get both a header and the footer I don't need a form header at the moment so I'm going to reduce its height to just to hide it from view to do that I'm pointing at the upper edge of this bar labeled detail I'm just going to drag it right up to the top to remove the form header if I need to bring the header back for any reason I can just reverse that process or I can select the header and go to the property sheet if that's not open at the moment I can click the property sheet button on the ribbon and change the height property to whatever I want for example - or alternatively I could drag the detail bar up or down as I did before so here in the form footer is where I'm going to put my set of buttons so I'm going to use the button tool from the controls section of the design tab now because I don't need to use the wizard I've got my control wizards switched off down here you'll see that the canoes control wizards option is not selected so I won't have the wizard start up if you're doing this and the wizard starts then you just need to cancel it so I'm going to click on the button tool and click somewhere in the footer doesn't matter exactly where at the moment and I get a button that is automatically named and captioned by accessing all it come on 22 and giving it the caption command 22 now you can move items about and resize them and evening type the caption directly on the form itself so you can use these handles around the edge of a button to resize it and this gray dot too it but I prefer to do all those things from the property sheet the property sheet isn't already open as mine is you can either switch it on here from the property sheet button on the ribbon or you can right-click on the item and ask for its properties and make sure that it's selected so that you're looking at the properties of the item that you intend to work on first thing I'm going to do is go to the other tab and change its name it's called command 22 I'll click here and change that to see MD back because this is going to be the back button I'll go to the format tab and change its caption to back facing arrow for our the word back and I also want now to change its size and position and what its width to be 3 I'm working in centimeters I don't need to type cm here for centimeters and similarly if you're working inches type the appropriate number that you want you don't have to type inches it will assume that's what you mean so width of 3 as I move to the next item you'll notice that the button has actually already changed shape a height of 1 I want it to be 0.5 of a centimeter from the top of the footer so I'm going to type in point 5 here and finally I want it's left position to be 1 and so I've got a correctly named and captioned button here with the position and size just as I wanted I need two more buttons so what I'm going to do instead of drawing two buttons is make sure that this one is selected by clicking on it and I'm going to copy I'm using the keyboard but you can do right-click copy if you like or copy and paste from the Home tab I'm going to copy and paste twice one twice so I'm going to move the buttons to the positions that I want the vinge so this one is going to be my next button so I'm going to change its name to CMD next this format tab I'm going to type next or a buyer right facing arrow.

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