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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Careers

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Careers

Hey how's it going today we're gonna talk about how to create reports that will dazzle your stakeholder so let's go when you think about reporting it's really easy to get overwhelmed because there's so many metrics out there right engagement rate how many like somebody shares though how many downloads how many clicks am I getting all this like different stuff you don't want to get overwhelmed so my first tip for you is to actually focus on what metrics or KPIs are important to your business if you're working with clients for example it's really important to figure out what their goals are because if you come up with a bunch of random KPIs metrics that they don't care about they're not gonna care about your report so it doesn't matter how cool your software is when it comes to reporting look there's ton of reporting software's out there right there's a report garden there's - this as well I mean you can use enterprise level reporting as well which would cost you four or five maybe even seven figures a year to use that kind of stuff you gotta align first with the stakeholders and then from there you can figure out what makes the most sense in relation to this specific question for us around social media it's like what metrics should we look at so the metrics that I suggest that you take a look at are around engagement rate because it doesn't matter if you're posting all the time it doesn't matter if you're getting a lot of followers if people aren't engaging with you if the right people aren't engaging with you you're in trouble because you're putting all this effort out there and you're not really getting anything return social media the...