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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing What Form 843 Businesses

Instructions and Help about What Form 843 Businesses

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has seen unprecedented support in the 2022 election with many of his backers hoping he'll run the United States like one of his many businesses the Republican nominee is far from the first politician to promote this idea but would it actually work should the u.s. be run like a business well on its face both businesses and governments should certainly strive to be more efficient accountable and transparent this is especially relevant in the face of widespread government inefficiency which is suggested to cost taxpayers in the billions and even trillions in Iraq between 6 and 12 billion dollars earmarked for reconstruction was misappropriated and long unaccounted for although some was later recovered so it certainly sounds nice to have someone with financial business experience to get a grip on spending right well the problem is that businesses and governments are not just different they seek fundamentally opposing goals in a nutshell businesses seek to create the maximum amount of profit for shareholders by any means necessary which can include layoffs inferior products and even outright bankruptcy in fact one of the ways Trump has gotten so rich is by strategically filing for bankruptcy in order to extract the maximum value out of his companies declaring bankruptcy on a government especially one as globally integral as the US would be disastrous on the other hand governments are specifically intended to benefit and represent people first and be sustainable or profitable second a government run like a business would be beholden to its shareholders at the expense of the consumer but both its shareholders and its consumers are the same pool of taxpayers this makes it much more difficult to balance the needs of shareholders and consumers in practice businesses that are entirely owned by their workers are rare and also workers owning the means of production is actually a form of socialism moreover the reason businesses are able to operate is because of a competitive market governments are monopolies in almost every way you can't shop around a government without leaving the country this is partially the reason government-run services like the DMV and the post office are criticized for being inefficient they don't have an incentive to improve not only that but taxes are not the same as sales citizens are legally required to pay taxes and they can't easily boycott government price when a business needs to get back into profitability oftentimes it'll impose strict cost-cutting measures and the same concept is known as austerity for governments this can be seen in countries like Greece and Spain where austerity measures have led to high unemployment and poor economic performance finally and perhaps most compellingly profit is not the ultimate goal of a government governments are primarily engaged in promoting social value which is why public schools and parks don't make any profit but are nonetheless funded basically governments are designed to care about the people that they're made of and elected by although good policy can lead to a budget surplus that's rarely the ultimate goal of a government nor should it be Donald Trump may be a businessman but by all accounts the US should not be run like a business if you're like me and love history science and exploration you should check out science go where you can binge watch all seasons current and past of your favorite shows right now I'm watching marathons of how it's made check out the link in the description below to learn more and if you're looking to learn more about government privatization you can watch our video here well privatization occurs when a government agency that provides public services is converted into a privately owned organization while the services often remain they can be delivered on a for-profit basis rather than strictly operated for the benefit of the public thanks for watching seeker daily make sure to LIKE and subscribe for new videos every day.

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