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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Processing

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Processing

So that's really the only slide I'm going to show so yeah just to give a high-level view of what we're gonna talk about here so we talked about several ways of getting information into the system the first one I'm going to show you is just simply from email I'm going to craft a new email to our demo account and this is just like if a if a vendor were to send you guys a invoice from their ERP system attach it in here and so you can see we have a couple of formats we have a word document a PDF document OCR engines are typically optimized for PDFs or Tiff's but anything that comes in a Word format our software can translate it to a PDF or a TIFF image so Word documents Excel documents powerpoints if you happen to get it can all be sort of assimilated into an OCR able format and brought into the system so I'm gonna go ahead and send that so it's just going from my account here into our demo account and so you can see that it shows up in our inbox our software is going to monitor this Inbox and it's going to automatically pull this information into the demonstration and so that's going to take just a minute and I'm going to hop back over to our virtual machine while that happens so well that's processing in the background what you're seeing now is called the cofax batch manager and this batch manager is sort of a supervisor's view into the system so if you had multiple documents going through the system or multiple batches of documents go through the system this is where you would be able to see everything that's that's being tracked through the software so we just sent an email in and it's going to just take a minute for that to show up the other way and the more traditional way is through scanning a document so I'm just going to create a new batch of documents and this is really just telling the software to get it ready for a batch of invoices so one of the nice things about the coda fax software is it is an enterprise platform it can handle more types of documents than just invoices we have several folks that may start in the AP Department but then they move over to the AR department Human Resources legal department anywhere that there's and driven processes or scanned an archive that needs to happen the Kovacs software can accommodate sort of multiple multiple matches or types of documents into the system and deliver those to the different systems that need to use them or keep them so we'll want to pay particular attention to the queue and the status so when Isis created that section documents were just in our ready status for scan and someone go ahead and process that and this is what a operator would would see as they're getting ready to they open the invoices from the from the mail they've prepped them they've removed the staples tear down or taped down any torn edges drop them on the scanner and then here is where they'll actually be pulled into the software so I would just hit scan all and in the normal course of a of scanning the documents will be pulled in and I'm going to just grab some images here excuse me one second while I find where I put those guys oh sorry so I just imported a few images here but these invoices were scanned with VRS technology which is what Dave alluded to earlier so the the virtual rescan technology is something that Koufax has actually founded on when they were when they were a young company back in the mid 1980s they made their name for connecting scanners to the slower pcs and creating a sort of a pretty image in a in a fast way so that they built themselves on that technology and that's really lint itself now too the OCR technology when you can create a pretty image out of a piece of paper the OCR technology has a much better opportunity to read the information correctly which means that you get a higher level of automation when you when you extract the data so you can see here that we just brought in about eight invoices and there are different formats different vendors and we have some that are portraits under landscape and certainly all of different information located in different places and we call that sort of semi structured in other words we know that there's an invoice number at invoice date that we want to capture we're just not exactly sure where that ads on the page so the scan module automatically connects to whatever scanners are available to it it priscila next the scan settings so there's no there's no manual intervention there it can automatically connect to your scanner say let's make this 300 dpi it automatically growth rotates the images as they come in so that they're in landscape or portrait mode which really reduces the amount of preparation that the operator has to has to do as well as speeds up the scanning process itself once everything is sort of ordered like you want it we close the batch and you'll see us come back to the batch manager so a couple of things have happened one is that the the email has come in that I sent earlier and then the scan documents that I just sent through are ready for the KTM server so the qingtian servers for Kovaks transformation modules which is really just the OCR server that that we use and it runs as a sort of standard Windows service in the background so the operators never really see it but you can see here that once it picks up.

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