Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Managerial

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Managerial

Music let's gonna take you up whichever door hold your towel till I ask for it Music still right now are you going here me to town you'll call this airs gonna be coming out on your left side about every 10 to 15 seconds you want to turn about 45-degree angle and they just go happen go ahead and do what you need to do in there there's a screen behind you that screen has your seconds counting down and the upper right your temperature the lower right what we're trying to do is take the top millimeters in down to as close to freezing is when you get within the first bit the more desk alarm is that's going to cause your blood vessels start constricting on your spiffany's so you plug back to the center of the body the skin receptors are going to kill the brain they were freezing let's go into survival mode during that period your livers going to kick an overdrive being filter filtering out all the toxins and wastes in your body introducing a lot of fresh oxygen endorphins are going to be released into your system norepinephrine is going to be released into your system and what's going to happen to all the nutrients that you have stored up through your body for such an occasion it's going to be released so what's going to happen is once the sessions to Ophir you go to step out you warm up all that blood will be rushing back to the extremities caused a massive dilation the blood vessels open up three to four times normal you're going to get some people call it a runner's high on your floor cats what we're looking for is reduction of inflammation by increasing your blood circulation so it's going to reduce the inflammation how you doing in there Julie that's what we need what's gonna happen is as you hear this keep them out so just keep turning as you need to turn feeling good you only got 20 seconds left in about five seconds I'm gonna hand you this towel back so you're gonna put it around you okay go ahead you did good okay when you beat zero on that there's gonna be a 10-second ventilation there's when we pull down the doors gonna pop out the list is gonna go down just let the lift take you down you can step out whenever you ready okay how was it how was it again go back and then get dressed put your socks and your slippers leave your slippers on them put your socks the new clubs in town and the hamper out there grab your water.