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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Historical

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Historical

And so I want to begin to make you all a part of this and what's special about the books for me is that I really took my time I'm with both books again guys this is the pre-launch night at 12 a.m. both of my new releases launched the bestseller Lord of my land already in his first week is a best-seller on amazon.com and then also on the solution how Africans in America achieve liberty justice is repair and the solution is my my baby it is like it's really as much work I've been during community as the treatment rights activists the solution gave me an opportunity to brain dump and really give my community I don't talk about that in a second solutions and answers for the elements that we're gonna suffer in for life forever ever ever everyone said what we gonna do about it we gonna do about it all right please portal even look the buzz it masculine put the button gonna probably look for diligent oh we talk to each other poorly black and black come on bud oh but I did and so I put my critical thinking hat on and I use the same skills are used to build a more timely dog business for myself I put those same skills st. efforts thank you changing thinking and trying to figure out and not trying to we're really figuring out some practical action steps that the African community in America can follow to unify ourselves to get justice and to repair ourselves in a secret pair and that was a as I've been you know a human rights activist I've been focusing on solutions I always wonder why I always wonder why everyone was an activist will always focus on the problems I write these books on elaborating the problems which are well needed so I appreciate all of our you know educators and all of those who are like in that space with like come before us the conference also they were in trouble denied but I appreciate everybody has been you know in that space not only what the call was oh my god booted out they don't want me to son but um so anyway I want to talk about I want to really hop into the books um more to my land Fox at the home ownership is really simple it's the most thorough home ownership God you could ever read at the end of the day I took every question that I've heard anyone asked about buying a home over the last 11 years and I answered all your questions before you ask once you read this book you will understand everything about buying your first second third one whatever it is you want to finish everything about buying a home from fighting your fear to establishing your team how you interview Realtors how do you pick a house how you know the price point how do you get pre-qualified how to get pre-approved was a different food pre-qualified and pre-approved right how do you buy a multi-family house how do you get financing how do you was your credit that's not right like everything you want to know about being Lord of your plan like being the landlord being the owner like understanding that real estate is so important because it gives us power and control it gives us control over the mineral rights to land gives us control over to air rights above the house in the actual property where you want all that in real estate I just broke all that down all the way to post closing strategies after closing a house what do you do next we talked about that so it's really a five step extremely thorough easy read a guide for how you'd be the Lord heal in how you become a home become the Lord heal and so it's really something that I imagined to be a staple on coffee tables around the country what everyone you don't got to wait to get through high school in college just scratch your head like my little thing is like I realized as I got no wolfbloods facing to real estate coming out of poverty coming out of our streets coming out of prison I realized that Hill no one ever taught us this stuff like no college little school no one intentionally taught us these basic things we need to know that has helped me make millions of dollars in my lifetime why don't know why daddy was a simple ass game and so instead of complaining about it always my solution had won all right well I'm gonna play my part in giving us this game and so with the Lord in my land again it's just a simple it was easy to read layman's terms playing like you don't got a it's just as easy as it gets a teenager could literally read it understand abide our first house or buy the second house of buy a home be the Lord of the land and that's the goal is it prepared everybody to be homeowners and again it starts from the first chapter of stripping away your fear fighting your fear because you make all these excuses of your head as to why you can't do it and you don't even know why you can do it don't even know enough about how it's done to even know why you can't do it so we're going to strip away the fear and all the concerns and never going to get to work and you give everyone a blueprint so if everyone in that book it's a blueprint action steps how to buy your first career is the sole recommended right and as I say tonight the ebooks we're launching for two days only October 14th and 15th they're 99 cents for both books - books.

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