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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Garnishment

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Garnishment

Jean is with us in Phoenix. Hi Jean, welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. How are you? Better than I deserve. What's up? Good. It is. How to question. I just recently lost my job and I have had a judgment against me for an old credit card debt that is extremely old. They've added interest and everything to it, and they're trying to collect about $14,000 from me on this debt. Other than the state of Arizona, where I am currently, the judgment is from another state, Las Vegas. I have contacted lawyers and done consultations in Arizona. However, the lawyers say I have to hire a Nevada lawyer. When I talk about it with lawyers, they say to come to Arizona as they can't help me. So, I'm just kind of stuck and not sure what to do and how I can get rid of this stuff. Okay, what was the original amount you borrowed? It was off of the Discover credit card, and the original amount that I owed on it was somewhere between two to three thousand dollars. It has escalated to 14,000 over a number of years with legal fees and so forth, correct? Do you have any money? I just might talk. They don't. Okay, so it's not relevant today. You can't do anything about it anyway, right? Okay, so when you get another job, your first goal is going to be, or one of your goals, is going to be to save up $2,000. Then, I want you to just call the law firm and begin to negotiate with them. The original amount I owed you guys, Discover, was $2,000. I'm broke, I have no money, I'm single, I make no money. You do not give them any information about where you are, what state...