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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Employers

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Employers

I'm Joe Riley president of national drug screening I've been helping people to learn how to do do tea urine specimen collections for over 20 years and what I'd like to do in today's video is show you a little bit about how a do tea urine specimen collection starts out because a lot of times I see that it starts out wrong right from the beginning so I'm gonna have a donor join me and we're gonna start the d-o-t specimen collection right from the beginning now prior to starting the collection you must have secured your restroom and that means you have blowing agent in the toilet and in the toilet tank you don't have any soap products or chemicals or bleaches in that restroom any cubby holes where anybody could hide something you've secured up those type of things soap dispensers towel dispensers and you've secured the water sauce of the hand sink of course you let the donor know that they're not going to flush the toilet and they're not going to wash their hands until after the collection is done certainly they can wash their hands and they should wash their hands before the collection but once they prthe urine it needs to be sealed up before they wash the hands or flush the toilet so I've got a donor coming in in just a minute we're going to start a do t urine specimen collection in today's video we're just going to be doing step one of the collection and I think you'll learn a little bit Music come on in how are you today sir I'm doing very well how about yourself good are you here for your d-o-t drug test that's correct okay well great I'm Joe Riley I'm gonna be your specimen collector today okay and I just want to go over a little bit about the d-o-t drug test that we're gonna be doing today and we're gonna fill out some paperwork on this custody and control form we are going to collect your specimen and the privacy of the restroom we're gonna seal up your specimen we're gonna get it ready to ship to the laboratory and we're going to finish up the paperwork okay okay now there are instructions on the back of the form and you are welcome to read these instructions over well I get a copy of these you will get a copy of this to take with you good I know what we're doing so we're good okay absolutely give you ID with you driver's license I knew okay great all righty excellent and that's Tom Fullmer that's great okay Tom Tom I want to point out to you on this form there is a unique specimen ID number okay and that number it starts with the 106 right there that same number is on the specimen security seals that will go on your urine vials we'll have two vials and a bottle and a B bottle just want you to make sure that those numbers match up okay so I'm gonna start out with the administrative section of this custody and control form and in the first section we're going to fill in make sure we have your right employer information I have Bob's trucking is that correct that's correct okay so we're going to put Bob's trucking as the site location and there's a Medical Review officer information on the form and you'll get a copy with their phone number and let's start out then with your social security or employee ID number okay that's backed by five one two seven seven and 74 okay and this is a do t-test and it is for a specific do T agency for the trucking industry that's normally FMCSA does that sound familiar motor carrier that's what they told me okay you got it and what's reason for the test today this was a pre-employment test pre-employment test okay and we are going to check off the drugs that we're testing for those drugs are THC cocaine PCP opiates and amphetamines and I am going to fill in my collection site name and address which is where we are right here doing the collection that's required to be on the form and I am also going to fill in my collector phone number which is also required and also my collector fax number which is also required okay so pretty much kind of got the administrative section of the form filled out you don't have any outer garments if you did I would be asking you to take those outer garments off if you have anything in your pockets could you show me that those pockets are empty okay you ever pretty thick wallet there could you let me just inspect the contents of that sure okay and you can keep your wallet in your cache let's let's keep it everything else outside we're going to put that in a lockbox and if you could go ahead and pick a cup okay okay we're gonna walk over to the restroom I have a separate hand sink you'll be able to wash your hands then I'm going to inspect the restroom and make sure it's still secure which I've already secured it this morning I'm gonna open up the cup and I'm gonna give you the cup I'm gonna ask you to fill it up to at least this marking right here which is right above that temperature strip and you can give plenty more if you want but at least that much I'm gonna ask you not to wash your hand once you wash your hands not to wash them again until we're all done and not to flush the toilet you'll see the toriel it has a blue dye color in there so we'll walk over to the restroom and then we'll get your urine specimen and we'll be able to.

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