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Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Careers

Welcome to another episode of marketing school I'm Eric Hsu and I'm Neil Patel and today we're going to talk about wide dwell time matters for SEO and how to increase it so Eric what is dwell time for all those people who are listening 12-time is just how long people are dwelling on your site or your page yes and why is this important for SEO because it's one of the factors of Google's many of SEO factors for ranking high or just ranking in general but why is that because they want to see this is an engagement factor they want to see how long but person staying on your site if they're staying long on your site the idea is that they are getting value from the page and it's a good user experience yeah so in essence what Eric is trying to say is when someone comes to your website the longer they stay on your site and not just stay there and leave to go get a cup of coffee and then come back we're talking about moving their Mouse engaging with your content clicking on multiple pages this shows that someone is super engaged versus someone going to your website not doing anything and clicking the back button and going to the next listing dwell time it doesn't answer this for Google but it helps them with it it kind of gives them a better sense on did you solve the problem that the searcher is facing because if someone's staying on your website longer there's a higher chance that you are versus someone that just bounces back off or goes to somewhere else even if they don't go back to Google but they just go somewhere else that means that someone in many cases if they're only on your webpage for three seconds they didn't find what they're looking for so what's one thing you could do to keep your dwell time or increased or dwell time sure it yeah what I like doing is going to Google search console looking at my pages that have the most search traffic and then looking at the keywords that are driving the traffic people when they search keywords they're not just typing in a phrase they usually have a problem so when people are typing in keywords like SEO you'll notice if you have traffic from that they're typing in what is SEO how to do SEO how to get more search traffic these are all questions that people have and that page that could be ranking for SEO is also going to be ranking for all these other terms these other longer tail terms tell you that the problems people are facing if you make sure that your web page that's ranking answer all those questions your dwell time is going to improve great so one thing that you could do one of our mutual friends Syed who who runs a company called optinmonster he has a wordpress plugin called YouTube subscribe bar I think and what you can basically do let's say you ready to write a post on SEO let's say you don't do any videos at all okay you can go to youtube look for that look for as an SEO video that you really like and then basically take that embed code and then plug it into YouTube subscribe bar that plug-in it's a wordpress plug-in so if you don't use WordPress I'm sorry you don't have to figure it out but what you can basically do this is kind of icing on the cake is once you embed that video a little subscribed bar pop pops up right below it and that SUBSCRIBE bar goes to your YouTube channel so you can put someone else's video and then you hit subscribe and it actually subscribes to your channel or you can just embed the video itself and that's gonna help increase the dwell time because you're adding more value right to the page itself right just don't add it for the sake of adding it but if you think you can add more value put that video somewhere inside of the post yeah you don't have to do much to increase your dwell time it all comes down to just put yourself in the searcher shoes and what would you like to see if you're them and if you're not sure you can pop up a survey through Survey Monkey or any of these tools out there pop it up on your page or your site and ask people what else are they looking for I use koala route mainly for this you just ask him as they're there on your page hey what are you looking for what else could we help you with once you have enough responses look at what the average response is or what they're saying then from there you can adjust the content to answer that all right so that is it for today make a good experience for people make it awesome yes make it awesome oh I most wanted maybe that's true the past year of site loads is better the experiences as well but you know going back to making things awesome well we want to make a awesome experience for you and throw it in person event for free in Los Angeles you can attend all you do is go to marketing school dot io / stats once we hit a million listens a month we'll be throwing a free event if you help us get there you'll be able to attend so thank you very much bye.

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