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Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Careers

Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Hsu and I'm Neil Patel. Today, we're going to talk about why dwell time matters for SEO and how to increase it. So, Eric, what is dwell time for all those people who are listening? Dwell time is just how long people are dwelling on your site or your page. Yes, and why is this important for SEO? It's because it's one of the factors of SEO for ranking high or just ranking in general. But why is that? Because it's an engagement factor. They want to see how long a person is staying on your site. If they're staying long on your site, the idea is that they are getting value from the page and it's a good user experience. In essence, what Eric is trying to say is when someone comes to your website, the longer they stay on your site and not just stay there and leave to go get a cup of coffee and then come back, we're talking about moving their mouse, engaging with your content, clicking on multiple pages. This shows that someone is super engaged versus someone going to your website not doing anything and clicking the back button and going to the next listing. Dwell time doesn't answer this for sure, but it helps them with it. It kind of gives them a better sense of whether you solved the problem that the searcher is facing. Because if someone's staying on your website longer, there's a higher chance that you are solving their problem, versus someone that just bounces back off or goes somewhere else. Even if they don't go back to , but they just go somewhere else, that means in many cases if they're only on your webpage for three seconds, they didn't...