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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Calculator

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Calculator

Hey what's going on everybody noble Picard here I just want to shoot this quick video show you guys what I use to calculate how much profit I'm a make on item I use a real simple website called sales kake.com you can go there and input on UFO and it spits out all the information so I'm gonna show you guys real quick sale all right so we first go there that's not much more happening don't go to the original version of website and this is the original version which I'll show you guys later but I used the mobile-friendly version and all it is you got different categories for your listening setting should cost you payment a discount goal and listen upgrades a lot of guys may be already using this or you know how to figure it out yourselves but a lot of people don't so that's why I'm shooting this video um first thing you want to do is you want to go to whatever setting you need to put into here I'll put a fixed price no insertion fee and category I'm selling and clothing I have this I have a store I have a basic store let's say I want to sell them blazer and I want to sell it for $60 shipping price right here is what you will put in if you charge and shipping but for this particular item I'm going to say I'm doing free shipping so I'll leave that as zero I have a quantity of one my cost to acquire is a $5.99 and my goodwill to cost $5.99 on the half day off they're less than that a half of that so we'll just say six thousand fifteen said and then mana cost to ship it is uh you can you can put in five like 537 for a padded flat rate or you can do the regional rate eight regional rage rate from anywhere from like 540 to nine something um shifting over to the west coast I mainly put mine in regional a boxer so to get an average I'll just put eight dollars now you might be more or you might be less than this but most of the time you probably less than eight dollars less you shipping way across the United States or you live in the middle you probably got a good average of how much it costs for a regional rate eight bucks Oh miscellaneous cost you can I put nothing there all the time I guess you can put something there if you want to know how much of packing materials or you know saying gas it takes you two drives with a goodwill whenever if you want to do that cost per item then you can put that into miscellaneous costs but I put nothing there pendant discount is PayPal rate is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction everybody knows that so top rated seller discount top rated seller so you get a 20% discount a lower shipping option I don't know what that is so somebody that if you on this video knows what it is please leave me a comment so I can you know what that is our desired profit we want to give for this um this is said we want to make a twenty dollar profit on this item and you can do your return or you can do you can do it by margin whatever percentage you want to do then got listing upgrades of course click the 30 day or the 10 day if you do that um I don't usually use any other upgrades and besides scheduled listing sometimes because of the people on the west coast I want them to be able to bid on my items so I'll set up a listing to go live at a 9:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time which is like midnight my time so that's that and after you get put all that hit do the math and it breaks it down and show your proceeds your calls and your net profit you can see if we sold this with $60.00 it'll cost those 20 dollars and fifty one cent and that's the item cost which was 6:15 the shipping cost which was eight dollars and the total eBay and PayPal Visa 6036 cent you can click on this even further to see another chart and it shows you how I break down it broke down your feet he babe my eBay fees on the final value for that $60 item will be five dollars and forty cents a dollar and eight set because I'm a top rated seller so it's four dollars and 32 cents and my paypal fee is two thousand four cent and total fees came up to six dollars and thirty six seven alright so if I want to solve it at $60 and left it at the $60 profit I would've made was thirty nine dollars off that item with all the fees calculators shipping and everything but I said I want to make twenty dollars so I will go here and I'll click that it's saying I said having it I should list this item based on I what I can put it as the item cost and the shipping cost is saying I should list this item at thirty eight dollars and 32 cents to receive twenty dollars in their profit and that's all to it man now let's go to this other the original it's pretty much the same thing but in this one you have an option to add to worksheet and I'm gonna show you guys that real quick fixed price no insertion fee doing clothing issues going on here we're gonna name this item blazer when they mint blazer go down here same thing we want a twenty dollar profit on this item cost to acquire was 625 by now price.

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